6 Good and Bad Assumptions made by Salespeople – Updated

In sales, assumptions should be used as starting points for understanding the prospect’s needs and situation. However, it’s vital for salespeople to be adaptable and willing to adjust their assumptions based on the information they gather during the conversation. There are key skills salespeople can work on to help them make better assumptions and build stronger relationships with their prospects.

Too often people assume that in Sales, assumptions are bad. That itself is a bad assumption. A poor Sales assumption at that.

Assumptions are great. We need to make assumptions.

Assumptions assist us in setting a direction, they give us something to aim for or a place to go. But indeed, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is, we must remember, there are two types of assumptions in Sales. Positive and False.

An assumption is something we take for granted, and when this turns out to be false, we call it a false assumption. There are numerous false assumptions people in sales might make. For example, a salesperson might falsely assume that a client’s problems are easy to fix. Not to the client they are not!

So, with both positive and false Sales assumptions in mind, here we have gathered for you a list of 6 Good and Bad assumptions made by Salespeople, and how to turn those assumptions into result driven activity with serious ROI!

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Positive Sales Assumptions

My Best Price Really is my Best Price

 When a client asks the question, “Is that your best price?” why do we reply, “Let me see if I can do better”? In KONA’s Negotiation Skills Workshops, we do an exercise where 80 percent of the participants caved when asked that question. You need to go to the negotiating table with the assumption that you are presenting your lowest price. But then again, why are you selling on price? Why aren’t you selling solutions? Make things happen!

Making assumptions can be a positive thing in sales.

This is going to be a Great Day

Eternal optimists are indeed wonderful to be around.

Everyday has something good in it! Why would you get out of bed if you did not believe this assumption?

“If I sell hard this month, it will grow my sales three months from now”. True. There is very little you can do to affect your sales this month. It is what it is. But what about the next few months?

You should be working on your sales three to six months in advance. String together three months’ worth of hard prospecting and combine it with the above “This is going to be a great day” assumption and you will have something to look forward to. That is, Sales! Make things happen!

THE PESSIMIST SAYS ½ Empty THE OPTIMIST SAYS ½ Full THE SALESPERSON SAYS “Let’s talk about the benefits of ice”

I don’t know everything

The sooner you acknowledge that, the smarter you already are. You can always, always, learn something new and improve your sales efficiency. No matter how well you are handling your time management, there is always time to grow your knowledge. There is always fat on that bone. However, this assumption is a curse every bit as much as it is a blessing.

"I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it. Pablo Picasso #Learn #Quote.

Just because you could work harder does not mean you should. As much as it is important to “not just sit there, do something!” it is also important to “not just do something, sit there!”. Everyone gets the same number of hours in a week. If you are being outsold by a competitor or even by someone in your office, a part of the reason why comes from the fact that the other salesperson is more efficient with their Sales time or is trying something new that they learnt. Go and make new things happen!

Negative or False Sales Assumptions

A bad assumption is a bad strategy.

My Customers aren’t happy with their business

Wrong. If they were not, they would have already changed. Your job is to help them see why it is worth doing things differently. Focus only on what is relevant, actionable, and valuable to your prospect.

Help them envision how your solution will get them to their goals with greater ease. Leverage what you already know about your customers to ask better questions, deepen conversations, and establish credibility. Build that Effective Communication!

Through Effective Communication, that is Quality Questioning and Active Listening, you can demonstrate familiarity with your prospects’ business, processes, industry, issues and challenges to set yourself apart from the competition. Experiment with creative ways to get your customers saying, “Hmmm, that’s interesting. I’d like to learn more.” Make things happen!

There’s no point leaving a voicemail message

Here is an eye opener – voicemails actually hold a lot of value. For many, voicemail is considered a black hole of selling and a waste of time. But you in fact can gain a lot by leaving a professional message. Instead of thinking that your words are falling into the abyss, why not make the assumption that you are auditioning for the job? Every word, every inflection, every nuance is being scrutinised. Now, instead of leaving a bland voicemail message or worse, just hanging up, you see voicemail as a chance to demonstrate your selling skills as well as your persistency. Better preparation yields not only a better sales call, it also results in a better voicemail. Make things happen!

Voicemails lead to call back statistics.

I hope I fill my Pipeline this week

Hope is Not a Sales Strategy! Nor is it a business strategy. Or a success story strategy.

It is not a strategy for anything that requires a result.

There is only one strategy for Sales, business, success, results – and that is ACTIVITY. Activity drives results. That is it. It is that simple.

The cost of follow up calls graph.

The more active you are the bigger and stronger your pipeline. The FOUR specific activities you need to look at immediately for your pipeline growth:

  1. A clearly defined Sales Process
  2. Spending at least three hours per month on Pipeline Management
  3. Training Sales Managers on Pipeline Management
  4. Implementing Power Hour
The old adage says when you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

So, pick your correct assumption and make it work. The old adage says when you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” – that is crap. That only happens if you do not validate the assumption before you act on it. If you validate it, there are no asses, rather there is just two people (you and your customer) on the same page ready to make things happen.

Now go make things happen – start by getting your team ahead of the competition!

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