Customised Sales Training

KONA is for organisations looking to improve Results and Accountability through Training Programs Customised to Your Business and Industry.

Customised Management Training

The key to a truly successful organisation lies with the performance of it’s leaders.

Personality Profiling

There is an old saying that says “50% of my people could be good, 50% could be bad,
I just don’t know which ones is which”.

Business Services

KONA Group offers interim management services for small and large organisations

Australia’s Leading Corporate Sales and
Management Training Specialists

Sales Training

Customised Sales and Management Training to help your sales teams increase sales and effectiveness.

Management Training

The key to a truly successful organisation lies with the performance of it’s leaders.

Business Services

KONA offers business and management services for small and large organisations.

Personality Profiling

KONA uses Psychometric and Personality Testing to treat the ‘cause’ of your people’s performance

Online Business Education Training & Coaching Options Available

KONA Training Academy

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Customised Sales and Management Training and Coaching

The KONA Group customise every Training and Coaching program to our client’s strategy, industry, market and people, and every workshop is facilitated by experienced professionals, all who have run businesses, managed teams and built a Pipeline.


KONA does NOT run generic, off the shelf, ‘by the manual’ training courses, delivered by theoretical trainers or academics.


For organisations looking to improve Results and Accountability through Training Programs Customised to Your Business and Industry go to:

  • Sales Training, Sales Management Training, Call Centre Training, Key Account Management and Negotiation Skills Training.
  • Leadership and Management Development; Executive Coaching, Team Leader Training, Key Account Management Training.
  • Conference Speakers and Motivational Speakers.
  • Personality Profiling inc. DISC; MBTI; HBDI

Our Clients

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Will Corporate Training Help Your Organisation?

For Over 20 Years KONA Has Been Improving the Performances of Organisations’ Managers, Leaders and Sales People. And It Gets Results!

Recent Client Outcomes Include:

  • Doubled sales of a B2B sales force in 6 months
  • Increased revenue of a Finance organisation by 20% in one year
  • Increased sales of a Pharmaceutical client by 19% to achieve 140% of target in one year.
  • Increased revenue for a Distribution client by 17% in one year.
  • Increased customer retention of a Major Credit Card by over 12%.
  • Trained a sales team to make 439 appointments in ONE POWER HOUR and another team to sell over $1,200,000 in another HOUR.
  • Helped raise over $1,300,000 for Charity.

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One of Australia’s most successful corporate training organisations.

Since 2000, the KONA Group has continuously provided corporate sales, to a number of the fortune 500 companies. The KONA group provides a vast range of services including business coaching, sales and negotiating training, customer service training including telemarketing or telephone sales training, D.I.S.C & Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Profiling.

KONA has been providing tailored business growth strategies. We are experts at corporate training including sales, negotiation, marketing, business development and management training across a diverse range of industries. KONA has also become one of the top executive coaching firms in the nation.


The KONA Group assist people and businesses in improving their sales because we are a strong believer in,

Customer Experience

At The KONA Group our customers experience;

  • Sell better, with better customer retention and at bigger margins.
  • Create more calculated and knowledgeable decisions about how to lead and managing the sales team.
  • Develop a SALES centric, team-based business culture to retain more of the clients and the top sales professionals.
  • Get access to methodologies that have been tried and tested to make selling more effective to the whole organisation that can be maintained.

Selling Better – for you and your business?

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable Sales Leaders.
  • Delivering higher results in targeted customer segments through sales teams and business as a whole, along with processes and strategies that guide the sales development.
  • Sales people who are involved and experienced and are able to confidently sell, negotiation and deliver persuasive proposals to the buyer and seller.
  • A supportive business with elite customer experience and constant development that will lead to higher sales results and satisfaction from the customer.

Complete Sales Solutions

At The KONA Group, our complete sales solution covers so many elements of Sales Strategy, Sales Processes and Salespeople. The services at the KONA Group can be completely tailored for your business, talk to us about;

  • Auditing and building Sales Strategies that are effective.
  • Auditing and building Strategic Account Plans and Sales Market Segmentation.
  • Developing your Sales Processes.
  • Build a sales profile for all employees, new and current.
  • Tailoring Sales Training for Infield and the Classroom (solution sales, telephone sales, customer service, sales planning, prospecting, solutions selling, value-based selling, strategic account and key account management, etc.)
  • Skilled prospecting, solutions selling and value-based selling, etc.
  • Customised training and coaching support through developing sales management teams for sales coaching, performance management, sales strategy, sales leadership, etc.
  • Sales Coaching (group and one-on-one).
  • All training delivered onsite at your business or conference.
  • Sales Consulting and Elite Support Services.

The KONA Group has become renowned as the go to company for organisations looking to improve performance of their Leaders, Managers, Sales People, Key Account Managers and Employees Specialising in: Sales Training, Sales Management Training, Executive Coaching, KAM Training, Management Training, Call Centre Training, Leadership Training, Customer Insights, Instructional Design, MBTI, DISC, HBDI, Interim Managers, Sales Pipeline Training, Negotiation Skills Training, Conference Speakers and Motivational Speakers. We have an amazing client base and extensive testimonials all confirming our professional and results driven corporate training. All training is delivered onsite Australia wide by our professional qualified facilitators or can be delivered in a virtual format.

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