Storytelling for Sales

Empower your staff with the skills to use more stories in their conversations.

Why is the art of storytelling so vital in sales?:

  1. Engages and Captivates: KONA Sales Training understands that stories have a unique ability to capture people’s attention and engage them emotionally. When you tell a story, you create a connection with your audience that goes beyond facts and figures. This emotional engagement is crucial in sales because it helps potential customers relate to your product or service on a personal level
  2. Makes Information Memorable: People tend to remember stories much better than dry facts and statistics. When you incorporate your product or service into a compelling story, it becomes easier for your audience to recall the key points and benefits. This can be especially helpful in a competitive sales environment where customers are bombarded with information.
  3. Demonstrates Value: Effective storytelling allows you to demonstrate the value and benefits of your product or service in a real-world context. By illustrating how your offering has helped others solve similar problems or achieve their goals, you provide tangible evidence of its worth.
  4. Overcomes Objections: Stories can address and overcome objections that potential customers may have. You can tell stories about how your product resolved common concerns or challenges faced by your target audience. This helps in preemptively addressing objections and building trust.
  5. Builds Trust and Rapport: Trust is a critical component of successful sales, and storytelling can help you build trust with your audience. When you share stories, you are sharing a part of yourself and your experiences. This vulnerability can help create a sense of rapport and authenticity, which is essential in building trust.
  6. Simplifies Complex Concepts: If your product or service involves complex technical details or intricate features, storytelling can simplify these concepts. By using relatable stories, you can break down complex information into digestible, understandable chunks.
  7. Differentiates Your Brand: Storytelling can set your brand apart from competitors. Your unique brand story, values, and history can create a distinctive identity that resonates with customers and helps them remember you when making purchasing decisions.
  8. Drives Action: Ultimately, the goal of sales is to persuade potential customers to take action and make a purchase. Well-crafted stories can be powerful motivators, encouraging people to take the next step in the buying process.

Let me tell you a story…

As a boy growing up in Ireland it was commonplace for my uncles and aunties to pass down vital information through stories. My brother, sister and I always knew when we were about to learn something important as it would start with “let me tell you a story”.

It has always been in our nature to tell stories to inform educate. Storytelling, whether factual or fictional, is an intrinsic human characteristic. 

However, the way we communicate with others has changed drastically over time. Storytelling originated with visual stories, such as cave drawings or in Ireland carvings in rock (I used to climb over them in Avoca in Co Wicklow), and then shifted to oral, in which stories were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

Technology has allowed us to utilize all forms of storytelling through the years: visual stories in photographs, spoken stories in videos and recordings and written words on websites such as you are reading now.

The Storytelling For Sales training workshop 

To be an exceptional salesperson in today’s marketplace requires more than a solid understanding of product knowledge and data; you also need the ability to wrap the data in relevant stories in order to bring more genuine emotion, trust, and connection into the process.

The Storytelling For Sales training workshop is designed to equip your team members in how to use storytelling as a communication tool in each key part of the sales process:

  • In their face to face and telephone conversations.
  • In their pitch & presentations.
  • In their follow-up activities.
  • In their new client communications.
  • In sourcing referrals and introductions from satisfied clients. 

How can you empower your sales team to create more genuine and emotional connections with prospects that converts more opportunities into sales?

Simple: Empower them with the skills to use more stories in their conversations.

Mastering Presentation Skills & Storytelling

Delivery Mode: Onsite or Virtual

Duration: 1.5 Days. Length is tailored to needs (from 4 hours to 1-3 days)

Workshop Outline:

Understanding Your Audience:

  • Identifying the audience demographics, interests, and expectations.
  • Tailoring content and delivery style to resonate with different audience groups.

Crafting Compelling Narratives:

  • The structure of a compelling story: beginning, middle, and end.
  • Incorporating elements such as conflict, resolution, and emotion to create engaging narratives.

Mastering Visual Aids:

  • Effective use of slides, images, and multimedia to enhance storytelling.
  • Ensuring visual aids complement the narrative without overshadowing it.

Body Language and Vocal Delivery:

  • Techniques for confident body language and vocal modulation.
  • Practice exercises to improve posture, gestures, and voice projection.

Engaging the Audience:

  • Techniques for audience interaction, such as asking questions, storytelling prompts, or involving them in activities.
  • Creating a participatory atmosphere to keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation.

Handling Q&A Sessions:

  • Strategies for responding to questions confidently and succinctly.
  • Dealing with unexpected questions or challenging situations gracefully.

Feedback and Improvement:

  • Providing constructive feedback to peers to foster continuous improvement.
  • Self-assessment techniques for identifying strengths and areas for growth.

Who should attend:

  • Sales Management and sales professionals 
  • Support people
  • Risk management assessors
  • Pricing departments
  • Leaders who deliver presentations internally


Objective: To equip participants with the essential skills and techniques needed to deliver impactful presentations and compelling stories. Enhance confidence in public speaking and storytelling abilities.

The key purpose of this will be to develop the confidence to deliver presentations that captivate and inspire audiences while enhancing storytelling abilities to convey messages with impact and resonance.

This will allow your teams to easily acquire practical techniques for engaging audiences and handling challenging situations effectively.

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The workshop will equip your sales team to:

  • Understand the science behind storytelling as a powerful communication tool.
  • Identify key points in the sales process where stories can be used effectively.
  • Learn a simple to implement process for identifying stories, how to ensure they have a purpose for the prospect, and how to share them authentically and with confidence.
  • A framework to increase motivation, commitment, and consistency in their follow-up activities.
  • Create and practice ready-to-use stories specific to your business’s current products and services.

Your customised workshop will also explore how participants can use the classic storytelling framework, ‘the hero’s journey’, to frame the entire sales process and learn methods on how to identify with their prospects and clients with more authenticity, develop their emotional intelligence to create greater empathy and genuine connections.

NOTE: KONA customise every Sales Training and Sales Management Training program to our client’s business and teams.

We do not run generic, off the shelf, ‘by the manual’ sales training courses, delivered by theoretical trainers or academics.

So if you need to increase your sales, profits and performance contact Garret Norris today on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected].

Storytelling is often thought of as a marketing thing, but it’s really a human thing. It’s the way humans have communicated and made sense of information for thousands of generations.

Learning through stories, developing trust through stories, and making decisions through stories is a natural part of our DNA.

At its fundamental core, sales is not B2B or B2C, it’s really H2H—Human to Human.

We’re not robots, and even if we ‘think’ we are rational beings, the research shows 90% of decisions actually take place based on our emotions.

We live in a world of rapid growth in the accumulation of data, but without a solid skill-set and confidence to use storytelling within your business dealings, the risk becomes that the growing data leads to a growing disconnect and misunderstandings with clients and co-workers alike.

The facts and figures might make rational sense, but it’s through emotions that decisions are made. Numbers matter, but a compelling narrative that creates an emotional connection matters more.

So make a difference to your sales results and contact Garret Norris today on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected].

Call: 1300 611 288 | SMS: 0481 965 405 | Email: [email protected]

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Storytelling for Sales

Empower your staff with the skills to use more stories in their conversations.


Really enjoyed our group training day. Learned some interesting insights about myself & colleagues.

Betty James
Senior Marketing Specialist

Thank you Garret Norris. Your dissemination of knowledge was inspiring, insightful, thought provoking and lot of Fun! Your ability to create a safe, relaxed & energetic environment in which to deliver & demonstrate your ideas and knowledge is remarkable! Made for lots of learning and had a positive impact on us all! Thank you

Melissa Peace
Strategic Partnership Expert

Right from my first call to the actual day of DiSC profiling session, the KONA group were fantastic and provided excellent service. Garret facilitated the session, and his delivery technique was impactful and valuable to all attendees.

Umesh Datwani
Operations Manager | Investment Services

Glenn is one person who knows how cut through to the real issues facing sales organizations of today, unearth the real potentials of a market of opportunity and help managers develop their companies unique "point of difference" to increase sales beyond what they ever thought possible. Glenn is a master coach for both business and life's goals.

Paul Winter
QLD State Manager
Altura Learning

Garret has a gift which enables him to connect and engage with everybody in the room. Although he is very accomplished, he is very down to earth and uses his Irish charm and humour to put everyone at ease. His delivery of the training was excellent and kept our groups attention for the whole 2 days which is no easy feat! The tools learned in the workshop re-ignited my passion for the sales environment - which is exactly what I was hoping for. All feedback from our team was positive and I would not hesitate to recommend Garret and his team.

Jaime Reid
Senior Business Development & Training Manager

Glenn is an effective business owner and trainer, he is clearly passionate about his company and the services Kona provides. Glenn has an energy and enthusiasm that is both infectious and motivating, which leads to confidence in his delivery and professionalism.

Nick James
National Sales Manager

KONA Group facilitated several workshops at the Advanced Group of companies for both the sales and operations teams. They are highly motivational and provided the teams with tools and techniques to improve their ability to connect with customers in both business development and service delivery roles. KONA is very business focused and pragmatic and focuses on what gets results. I would recommend KONA to any other business that is looking to improve their sales capability or turn their project managers and operations managers into customer champions.

Jonathan Shinn
National Operations Manager

KONA Group’s services were used by Brickworks Ltd in the form of Sales Management training. Glenn is unlike any other in his ability to connect with the audience. Glenn motivated me so much during a session. I decided at that point I would change my life forever. There was a group of us, that very moment who decided it was a time for change. Glenn explained the model for change and by using this model, it was possible to increase your chances of success 10 fold in anything you wished to achieve. The change we wanted to make was a healthier lifestyle. We decided to embark on a weight loss challenge. Using the attributes of the model, many achieved their ideal weight within months. My personal journey has seen me continue with the challenge and have now lost 29kgs, with 10 kgs until I am at my ideal weight. My lifestyle is now very different, being very careful with what I eat, walking approximately 50kms per week and doing Crossfit 3 times a week. I am on the way to fantastic health. my dad said to me yesterday, son you are looking the best you have in 30 years. They were great words to hear considering I am only 44 years old. I am healthier, I am stronger than I have ever been, I am more motivated, I am more focused and feel like a real winner. I don't believe I could have achieved this without using Glenn's model for change. Thanks Glenn, I would not have been able to do this without you, you have changed my life.

Trevor Marshall
Sales Manager
BA Equipment Group

Garret's Sales Communication Training delivered a strategic advantage to our team, who are now equipped with the practical tools needed to drive customer success.

Robert Guerin
Chief Executive Officer

Glenn is one of those fearless "can-do" high achievers that every business needs. His team at KONA make a valuable blend of skills and experience that deliver Sales results fast and ongoing. The hands on approach makes the KONA business a Sales consultancy suited to SMB up to large corporate, because it is all about people and their activity. Highly recommended regardless how good you think you are!

Paul Scanlan
General Manager
Schneider Electric

KONA has a passion for seeing both people and business's improve through the process of training and educating staff. They will encourage and coach the business and your people to become better at what they do and to improve your "bottom line. I have known Glenn both professionally and as a friend for 13 years now, and I have no hesitation in recommending KONA as a Business professional and also as person who commits fully to whatever challenge, be it business or physical such, as Ironman triathlon or running across the Sahara desert.

Robert George
Team Leader Inventory Control
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry

We had the pleasure of John at KONA facilitating some DISC training at our workplace. The group was cohort of different leadership levels at a federal government department. John's expertise and engaging teaching style made the half day thoroughly enjoyable. His real-world examples and interactive approach kept everyone involved and provided valuable insights into team dynamics and personal communication styles. Highly recommend John and KONA for professional development needs!

Jahn Giolitto
Assistant Director

Not only has our partnership with KONA proven to be highly beneficial for our management team… it has also proven to be an enormous return on investment with sales improving by over 23%.

Mark Lucas
Director XEROX UK
St Nicholas

Hi Garret, I just wanted to say thank you again for today the feedback I was given this afternoon was that it far surpassed what they expected and that it was completely different to expectations but it covered everything in such an immersive and engaging way. I hope you had a safe trip home. And I will be in touch for some more future training opportunities!

Erica Wilkinson
Pathways Business Manager

I have worked with the KONA Group for over 6 years and have found them to be some of the most consistent and driven people ever! A dynamic trainers with a strong emphasis on activity and results, KONA has brought invaluable experience to my own, and my staff's training. If you are involved in any Sales capacity, or are managing a team involved in Sales, then KONA Group is a "must call" individual.

Aaron Williams
Founder and Managing Director
Recruitment Solutions

You'll only meet one Glenn Dobson of this caliber. Glenn is an International Ironman, Businessman and Sales Guru. With an extensive career in sales across UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Glenn is a consummate professional who has 'been there and done it all' when it comes to competitive sales environments. Commercially aggressive, his ability to identify growth opportunities and drive activity to deliver results for his clients is astounding. The energy and discipline required to compete as an athlete at the elite level is evident in everything he does. As a Speaker, Glenn is inspiring, direct and highly motivating. All his business engagements are conducted with the highest level of integrity and results are always the number one priority.

Sue Thompson
Business Manager
Plumbing World

KONA has provided a unique sales program to the Sales Team at Plumbing World, with an in depth knowledge of the subject and passion for sales that has ensured that the key tools required to be a successful sale person and build business to business relationships has already started to occur in the company in only a short period of time.

Casey Stuart
Regional Manager New Zealand

The development programmes have had an outstanding effect on our business and results, and on the way our sales people treat our customers.

Frank Morberger
State Manager

The team loved the day and were raving about it to our marketing colleagues and managers who were unable to make the session. Garret, you were an amazing and engaging presenter.”

Dominic Taafe
Oncology Portfolio Manager

As a consequence of KONA’s efforts and commitment very quickly we have seen some explosive changes with the team through the introduction of various client focussed and sales strategies, measurements and skills. Their motivation, direction and activity have all increased… and we expect our profits to escalate accordingly.

Ian Crowther
General Manager
Nova Employment

I have been in Glenn's training groups for the past 10 months, 4 to 5 sessions. I have found him to be a very enthusiastic speaker with a wealth of knowledge for us to take on board and work with. His presentation is hands on and easy to work with. Working with KONA has had a huge impact on the Nova's business as we have increased results in some areas by between 50 -100%. I would highly recommend him and his business.

Alchemy Recruitment Consulting

Garret delivered some sales training for our team in Brisbane. We are a specialist recruitment agency with people of various experience levels. He was able to tailor an engaging session that everyone was able to benefit from. Thanks Garret!

Forrest Briggs
Principal Consultant & Director
BMT Tax Depreciation

If we have the opportunity to have more sessions, I think it would be very beneficial. I have found that the concepts presented and the skills we are working on are quickly delivering results and are relevant to us, not simply adapted from their usual clientele. He is much more engaging than other speakers we have had in the past, and from the way other members of the team have been speaking about him it’s a feeling and opinion shared by many others. Also : if he can turn skeptics like Palagy around, I feel that says something!

Rebecca Landers
Tax Depreciation Specialist
Solar Service Group

I've had the good fortune of being trained by Garret on two separate occasions - firstly as a sales agent & later as a leader. His highly engaging delivery, backed by his extensive knowledge is inspiring & insightful. I will always be grateful to Garret at the Kona Group for re-igniting my passion for sales & mentorship.

Gary Lawson
Senior Sales Development Manager
Nova Employment

The KONA Group has provided excellent customised training and coaching for our managers and staff at Nova Employment. First of all the KONA team gave a vast amount of knowledge to our managers on how to manage their staff. They then educated the employment consultants on how to handle difficult employers when telemarketing for jobs, before also giving them the skills on how to hold a face to face sales meeting. KONA have increased our jobs by 50% ever since they have been providing Nova managers and staff training and coaching. They are always willing to provide assistance when needed and are always available to call if we need any further help. Their training has been very successful for our organization and has been able to put Nova Employment in an extremely strong position. I highly recommend the KONA training and coaching as they are very good mentors in providing the best outcomes.

Peter Delimitrou
Employment Service Manager
Nova Employment

Since NOVA and KONA started working together we have almost doubled our results in less than 9 months! I had identified a need for developing our sales skills, but KONA delivered so much more than sales training to our business. Glenn encouraged us to take a step back, analyse our methods and develop a performance culture. As a manager responsible for performance, I appreciated that he clearly and fearless articulated our performance gaps from an outsider’s perspective to our management team, helped us to reverse engineer our results so that we could clearly identify what was needed to achieve performance KPI’s, and delivered practical, real world and customised training based on our business. I look forward to a continuation of our partnership with KONA and learning more to help NOVA move forward and be even more successful.

Anne Goyer
Training & Development Manager
BMT Tax Depreciation

I enjoy his take on what to say to clients who have been given the wrong free from their accountant. He said not to apologise and don’t get stuck on it and simply say that the fee is $770 and that you’ll call the accountant afterwards to make sure they know the fee’s, but then move on straight away. It was refreshing to have an outsider’s perspective on that. I tried it yesterday and didn’t apologise to a client when the accountant gave them the wrong fee. Not sure if it was just luck, or if Garrett is a genius or if it made me sound more confident or what but she converted.

Sarah Jackson
Tax Depreciation Specialist
Altura Learning

Thanks Garret Norris for a fun filled 2 days with not only lots of laughs but lots of valuable lessons on how to improve our skills when communicating with our customers and fellow work mates. I know all of us are excited about putting all we’ve learnt into practice.

Heather Priest
Head of Sales APAC at Altura Learning

Dear Glenn As we complete stage one of the Campbell’s and John Lewis learning and development programs, I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to you and the KONA team for all of your time, commitment and energy to the project. The response from our managers and sales team has been absolutely outstanding and everyone has benefited immensely from your involvement. I agreed with both Brian and Geoff at the time when they stressed the importance of developing a program tailored to our business and you more than achieved our expectations. I know you invested a lot of time in preparation and the time you spent with our people out on the road, visiting customers, was obviously well worth it. Included in the feedback from participants from around the country are, amongst many others, the following quotes: “Already I am putting some of the new techniques we learnt into practise and getting results from them” “ I now feel as if I have greater control and structure over my sales approach and customers” “I am communicating with my customers like never before and they are telling me things about their businesses that prior to the course I didn’t have a clue about” “I am managing my people in a far more effective and productive way and I feel that I can now start to see the light at the end of the tunnel” Once again Glenn, thankyou very much for all of your efforts and I personally can’t wait for the next stage!

Kurt Wilson
National Training Manager
BMT Tax Depreciation

I really thought Garret was brilliant, its not just about selling, its about getting the conversation started. I felt it was really good. I have started using some of the techniques already and adapting to my style. 1 – First call Thursday, did a different approach, lady called in, started the chat by tell me about the property, then went onto telling me the info on the house, I went over everything, she was sounding relaxed, got her remaining details and said “lets get this started today for you” response Great lets do it. 2 – next call was a guy, same style all went well, then the Cost question, Ï can get this for $660.00 from another company” My response, that’s great, Do you want to save $100 today or save $thousands more in deductions with us in the long term, slight silence, then said good point, went ahead!

Stewart Gill
Tax Depreciation Specialist

Hi Garret, I would like to say thank you for your time and effort last week at the Martec sales conference. The session from you went beyond my expectations in both your delivery and the involvement from my team. Thank you once again!

Ken Dick
General Manager
Immersion Learning Systems

Glenn Dobson is a rare individual worthy of being on anybody's list of potential mentors. Glenn is an entrepreneur, successful business-operator, world-class Ironman Triathlete, terrific father and rumour has it, a pretty good husband! We have worked together on various projects over the last decade and I continue to marvel at his pragmatic ability. Glenn is a master at taking any 'theory' in the field of sales and translating them into immediately applicable methods for any client. He truly understands that "Results Count" and has consistently been able to cut through the bullshit in our project work, for his clients and in his own businesses. If you ever wanted to see a living breathing example of a 'balanced' individual who exemplifies Covey's "Important vs. Urgent" Glenn is your man. Add to that Collins' "Disciplined (person), applying disciplined thought and taking disciplined action." and you've found yourself a winner! Good on you Glenn. You really are a role model.

James Michael
Founder and CEO

I was so fortunate to be able to attend the KONA training workshop at the 4life office in Sydney in February. I cannot begin to tell you how motivating and inspiring I found it to be. You gave me tools that I can use for both my personal and business growth. You demonstrated in a very simple manner how to set short and long range goals that are attainable. As you said hope is not a business strategy. The day spent training with you was so worthwhile I have been implementing some of the strategies and am passing it to my downline. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about business building.

Jyoti Sidhu

It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to participate in a number of Garret's training and skill enhancing workshops and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Even as an experienced sales professional I always learn new things from him, think harder about what I do, and become more effective in my role. Garret's presentation style is both unique and genuine, honest to the core, while his role play and coaching principles are easy to understand and extremely worthwhile. For anyone who needs to hone or develop sales and negotiation skills Kona, and particularly Garret, are certainly the RIGHT choice.

Craig Alderson
Business Manager

Garrett and Sienna at KONA group, were absolutely fantastic from appointment right through to the follow up of initiatives post workshop. Both had communicated effectively prior to the workshop and made sure the day was a phenomenal success for our Leaders at Openmarkets Group. Most importantly, Garrett is very engaging and all our leaders were switched on throughout the session with some key insights. I highly recommend Garrett, Sienna and the KONA Group.

Heidi Mehl
Executive Assistant to CEO
James Hardie

During my tenure in the building and construction industry the KONA Group was engaged to help align the sales function with the business and marketing strategy - a major shift in how we presented to market. KONA’s Hearts and Minds program challenged past paradigms and equipped our sales resource with a robust sales strategy, along with sustainable sales management and tactical skills which continued to deliver year on year growth.

Linda Ginger
Marketing and Branding Director
Speller International

Excellent session with you both Garret and John. Really appreciate the insights into delivering a better experience for all parties involved in a negotiation. Couldn't recommend KONA enough for anyone looking to enhance their Sales and Negotiation capability.

Luke Day
Business Development Lead

Glenn is high highly talented leader who has assisted us in defining industry leading strategy. I would recommend KONA to anyone requiring an honest, intelligent, strategic, motivating and hard working business leader.

Troy Dawson
Chief Information Officer
Batger Furniture

Garret took our team of 10 (experienced) sales consultants for the day looking at profiling and strategic sales techniques.
It was motivating, insightful and fun. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Garrett and Kona - we will be back.

Stephen Richards
Director Sales Marketing

Engaged Kona Group to deliver account training workshop for Etex - Siniat. Great collaborative approach to course preparation and workshop execution very effective and extremely engaging for all participants. Great job Garret!!

Joe Mori
National Business Development Manager

Very down to earth and very easy going.. extremely informative and made the day fun.
Thank you greatly.

Adam Carr
Supagas Australia

Having just competed a national customised training program where we engaged Garret and KONA all I can say is thank you Garret does his homework and prepares. The impact we were able to achieve with our teams in rolling out a game changer was fantastic. Thanks Garret appreciate the effort and the results to date.

Iain Whyley
National Sales Manager

Following the reorganisation of the field sales force, the KONA Group provided a number of workshops and coaching sessions in order to improve the understanding of how the company was changing the way that it operated. KONA supported us with the change by building trust and gaining buy-in from the team. KONA did an excellent job of emphasising the role of the field force in developing new business and building the sales and performance culture.

Jonathan Shinn
Operations Manager
Nova Employment

I would like to recommend The Kona Group for sales training that is succinct and professional and works. I would have to say that after the training that we had received we have noticed a huge difference to our KPI's and have made for the great results that we are now seeing.

Belinda Hamburger
Branch Manager
CGU Insurance

Thanks Garret Norris & the KONA Group for an awesome day yesterday! We learned a lot, but also has so much fun along the way. We look forward to working with you again.

Peg Vaghaye
Executive Manager, Broker Relationships
Happy Customers

Glenn is one of those rare individuals that makes you feel positive about life, just by being in the same room with him. I have known Glenn for a couple of years now and I am constantly amazed at the total energy output this man has. A true strategic thinker who has the ability to spot a great idea and turn his skills into a passion that is so infectious. If you are considering getting alongside this true gentleman, then I would say that this is one of the best things you will do today, if not the week, month or even year.

Greg Gillespie

As always I thought Garret was amazing and motivational, great refresher and gave me some new ideas to try and apply to what I do. Always great to participate in these sessions.

Stuart Gill
Austral Bricks

As a sales and negotiation professional, I have been involved in a few courses. I am very impressed by the way Garrett gets to the point directly and I know he speaks from experience. He has lived it. I would like to work with Garrett more in the future as I believe we speak the same language in business. I’ll be in touch soon. Thanks Garret.

Shane Campbell
Senior Key Account Manager

We have been very impressed with your capabilities and see you as a key player in rolling out our customer service programmes.

Andrea Westwood
Capability Development
BMT Tax Depreciation

Definitely the best training session I have attended (including my own ha ), I could relate to the methods conveyed to us very easily. Well done Garrett and look forward to another head bashing

Gary Tozer
Tax Depreciation Specialist
Skills Certified

Garret and Healthy Business Builder has been a huge influence on our business and its staff, The results have drastically increased thanks to his techniques and on going support. Very impressed with the overall service and I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future. Highly Recommended.

Johnny Justic
Founder and Managing Director

My team and I had the pleasure of hosting Garret for Sales Training and it was absolutely fantastic. A thoroughly enjoyable day as we tackled key concepts, engaged in role play and absorbed the benefit of Garret's extensive experience. We look forward to working with Garret and his team again in the future.

Melanie Pritchard
Group Manager - Digital Revenue
James Hardie

I was so impressed with your training programmes, I felt compelled to write to you in appreciation. Although it was blatantly obvious you were a professional outfit right from our first meeting, your services have far surpassed my expectations. I have been in sales and sales management for 15 years with 5 different companies and have attended many quality-training programs. During this time I have never experienced a program that adapted its philosophies and methodology so succinctly with a companies industry, market, products and value proposition. Ultimately! The test of any training program is the results it delivers. Since KONA has worked with James Hardie the sales effectiveness of the team has increased dramatically. But an even more noticeable improvement is the quality of leadership displayed by the sales management team.

Glen Doherty
General Manager Sales
Plumbing World

KONA has a unique approach to sales training, which has allowed Plumbing World to make a significant step change with its sales team. The training is fully customised for Plumbing World, which is important, as the it has developed far more engagement and buy-in from the sales team. The results have been immediate, giving Plumbing World a better understanding of and relationship with, our customers. Leading to new accounts being opened and an increase in sales from existing customers. For example as a direct result of the KONA training, a customer who's spend had dropped away for the previous 12 months, has increased their spend 16 fold.

Mike Dyer
Sales & Operations Manager
Plumbing World

KONA professional sales and sales management training has been an excellent educational journey on how to enter the Hearts and Minds of our customers and Shareholders. To become business resources and strategic advisors. To build a relationship that understands our customer’s hopes, fears, dreams and vision to create opportunities for future growth that we can be a part of. The course has been taught in detail that can easily be implemented and has brought the entire sales and management team at Plumbing World into focus looking to achieve a common goal. I highly recommend any time spent with the KONA Group.

Russell Thomas
Branch Manager

Very interesting/enlightening experience. Quite surprising to receive and witness such accurate profiling of each individual's DISC Profile.

Mitchell Jeggo
Operations Manager
BA Equipment Group

This was a fantastic few days, thank you Garret.

Donavan Derman

Glenn Dobson and Garret Norris are coaches that really stands out to me as they take pride in what they do and deliver. I first utilised KONA around 7 years ago when he evaluated our business which ended up delivering some hard hitting facts , as a result changes needed to be made BUT as a consequence of those initial chats KONA helped set up a sales pipeline where we could track our activity and results which led to a 300% increase in sales within the first 6 months of implementing his sales tools.I HIGHLY recommend KONA but don't want the world to know what they can provide a business as this will give other companies an unfair advantage like we have !Glenn is now a mentor, a friend and above all someone that inspires you to always achieve your best.

Keiran Hathorn
Managing Director

Garret Norris is a rock star coach. He has transformed our Inside Sales team. Love his work!

David Piggott
Managing Director

Again I found the training session really engaging, you can tell that Garret is very passionate about what he does. It may sound cheesy, but I left feeling inspired and refreshed.

Kimberly Britts

A fantastic 3 days, you had us engaged, interacting, learning and threw us out of our comfort zones in the best possible way. I echo what my colleagues have said below, all of which is 100% true. Implementing these three days into what we do is now the focus and I look forward to connecting again soon, and look forward to more sessions where we can continue to learn, develop and and thrive in what we do, whilst living and breathing our WHY. Still buzzing, thank you!

Hessa Robinson
Education Sales Manager
Plumbing World

I have been lucky enough to attend B2B sales training run by the KONA Group. I have found Glenn to bring the same drive and passion that he applies to Iron Man training across in his training sessions. His training is not something you could read straight out of a text book - there is no "turn to page three". Glenn delivers real world pointers that are applicable in the changing workforce of today. The tools that he gives you, help you go through the door to be become a true business/strategic partner for your customers. Without these tools you would be standing on the curb, looking in, being a 3 P flogger! I would highly recommend attending a training session if you get the opportunity.

Keith Geenty
Sales Representative
BMT Tax Depreciation

Thank you again for spending time with our team over past 2 days. Some valuable tips learnt and looking forward to seeing the impact it has on our team moving forward.

Jeremy Sinclair
Team Leader, Business Development
Lakeview Blinds

I couldn't speak any higher of Garret and his team! To gain the trust in our team and instil such empowerment so quickly, is incredible! The ongoing support and encouragement following the training has been wonderful and invaluable. To anyone looking for sales or leadership training for yourself or your business, this team is the best I've ever come across!

Samantha Sullivan
Sales & Marketing Manager
BA Equipment Group

The training that was provided by KONA and delivered by Garret was second to none. I believe my team and I have learned a lot over the training and have had a lot of positive feedback from them.

Benjamin Helmore
Branch Manager

I have recommended Garret and the team at Healthy Business Builder to many organisations I have worked with. Their methods constantly challenge the norm, creating and supporting high performing teams. Garret has lead and coached our team to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes that make a difference to our teams and stakeholders. The approach from Healthy Business Builder is unique to each business or organisation and it has proven to be successful time and time again. I have witnessed many dysfunctional teams make changes to the way they operate after sessions with Garret and it is such a delight to see our teams work collaboratively and cohesively. They begin to communicate in new ways due to the deeper understanding of how individuals operate, communicate and learn. I would highly recommend Garret and the team at Healthy Business Builder if you are wanting positive, sustainable and successful outcomes for your business.

Kathryn Emmett
Executive Assistant to Head of Asset Projects | Olympic DamExecutive Assistant to Head of Technical Portfolio

Throughout my career with Commonwealth Bank I met several business coaches, but 'Glenn Dobson' is the only name that I don't need to challenge my memory to remember. Glenn is an amazing coach with unique techniques; structured and interactive. He is one of the most positive people I have ever met, his amazing achievements are certainly as a result of his dedication, his commitment and his 'can do' attitude.

Odette Shahnazari

Honestly I don’t think it matters his cost as always has something insightful and thought-provoking to leave you with no matter how many times you’ve seen him or your position or length of tenure. I would love to see what he could offer the wider company (not just sales) from a psychology point of view because I feel that the provocation he provides is beneficial to all he comes in contact with. I really enjoy it because we just get each other.

Daniel Jura

Hey Garret. Just a quick word of thanks. My time on the road with my team has become so much more intentional and productive. One thing I hear when I ask about what they want from the meeting is they say things they want to share. I am getting them to ask what do they hope to learn and discover from the meeting. Anyway just saying again, you have helped me.

Marco de Geus
General Manager - Sales

Thank you for the most insightful and relatable professional workshop session. It was gratifying, and I feel empowered and more confident.

Thank you so much for delivering such a valuable and engaging session. It was certainly in the spirit we intended. I have had positive feedback, and the team mentioned how valuable they found your session specifically.

Ekta Manwal
HR Advisor
Sales Matrix

Glenn is one of those clients that truly partners with you and adds value back to you as a service provider. He's not a slave to his own views, nor is he a passenger in the process. He's very outcome focused and understands the core drivers of personality and individual values in achieving goals. That said, this is a man that no doubts lives by the virtue that profit, without honour, is loss. There's nothing manufactured or contrived about his work, quite simply he is inherently like this by nature. His background and experience speaks volumes. Over and above that he is a quality person.

Craig White

Garret is a true professional and constantly challenges the norm which creates the high performing teams we have at MLA. Garret has lead and coached our team to deliver outcomes that make a difference. The approach from Healthy Business Builder was unique to our business and it has proven to be successful for MLA. I would highly recommend Garret for any other business wanting positive, successful outcomes for your business.

Lisa Sharp
Chief Marketing Officer
BMT Tax Depreciation

We certainly appreciate the time and effort and will be making sure we include some of the hints and tips into our processes moving forward.

Matt Jenkin
Team Leader, Business Development

Glenn is a master at focusing the attention of any sales team, business owner or sales manager on the importance of having a strong sales pipeline to the future prosperity of any business. He lives and breathes what he teaches and is able to succinctly and very effectively impart his extensive knowledge of how to establish and then manage a sales pipeline that will continually deliver new and profitable business. If your business needs a significant improvement in its sales performance Glenn should be the first person that you contact. I recommend him highly for any size business or corporate enterprise.

Daniel Watson
Managing Director

Truly the most insightful and relatable training/professional course I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. Absolutely will leave a review - 5 stars

Narissa Chan
Senior Digital Account Manager

I have enjoyed working with KONA several times. KONA have worked with my sales team strategically to raise the bar on their performance and belief in their ability to deliver results. As personal coaches the HBB Group have guided me through my career by reminding me to clear away the clutter and keep it simple Sam. Keep on running Glenn.

Frank Courtney-Jay
Sales and Marketing Manager HP Singapore

Next Business Solutions used the team at KONA to take us through their Hearts and Minds training. Great team at KONA of people who are not only very experienced their product but they also bring their people skills that have been developed through their extensive global activities.

Rob Clydesdale
Microsoft Next Business Solutions Franchisee
Lomas Recruitment

I was introduced to the KONA Group some five years ago through a mutual and respected business contact. My first impression was that Glenn has a unique sense of purpose, he is driven, motivated and passionate about achieving results personally but also in supporting others to achieve beyond their own expectations. Over the past five years I have witnessed KONA in many business scenarios including business consulting, change management projects, sales management projects and executive level leadership programs. Glenn is a natural leader and a manager in these environments. People respond well to him and his down to earth style. Personally Glenn has an engaging communication style, an unstoppable enthusiasm to exceed expectations and first class networking skills. I am proud to call him a friend, colleague and business partner and would recommend you consider his services when required.

Susie Lomas
Speller International

Thanks so much Garret Norris and John Wright. It was great training and the team have been talking about it all week. Just what we needed! We will definitely be getting KONA back again!

Judy Cole
Managing Director

I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn Dobson through our participation in one of the toughest footraces on the planet, The Marathon De Sables. In the time we spent together leading up to the race I became quickly aware that Glenn was an extraordinary human being. His athleticism and endurance not only humbled me but inspired me to push myself to peg new boundaries. Whilst Glenn's achievements in Ironman and other endurance events puts him in a very small minority group his drive, motivation, energy and business knowledge puts him amongst an even smaller elite group of people. I have been fortunate to have been a professional in the financial markets for close to 20 years and this has exposed me to a vast array of individuals, their ethics and work practices. During this period I don't think I have meet a person with the focus and drive to consistently deliver quality outcomes to his clients and business associates. Having an opportunity to interact with Glenn on any level whether it be business or social is something that will ultimately make you a better person. I have been fortunate to have shared an extraordinary challenge with Glenn but have been as equally enriched by the relationship we now share as a result of the race.

Justin Gallagher
Head of Equities Sales Trading and Execution
Vic Dep of Education

Hi John, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the sessions and contribution in our journey towards service excellence. The sessions were very well planned and relevant to our modus operandi. The team is very appreciative of your guiding principles and quick lessons from the sessions. The immediate display of the lessons learnt will be witnessed during our current peak time. I’m definitely a better listener now Thank you.

Aakanksh Nyayapati
Senior Analyst, IT Service Delivery

Being relatively new to this industry I was a little apprehensive going into my company training day, I thought it may have been scientific and technical and it's an area where I feel a teeny bit inadequate. The relief I felt when Garret started "warming up" the room was ridiculous. He made everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and engaged. At times I feel we over complicate things to make ourselves feel more important or special. In the end, Garret reinforced the need to slow down, fully engage, leave the ego at the door and listen. This training is a must have for all teams, no matter the level. It will make you stop, think and love sales again. Can't wait until the next one.

Stacey Taylor
Account Executive

Garrett is a great coach/mentor, it was an honour having him here, and the progress was WAYYY more than I had anticipated, so I am very thankful.Hope you guys have an awesome day, just like you! ☺

Hana Hellou
Customer Support Manager

Glenn Dobson is the most charismatic and inspirational sales training and business development coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. At times confronting, Glenn breaks down your current sales process and delivers honest direct feedback! With a thorough understanding of your customers, product and industry, Glenn provides you with the necessary tools and roadmap to be more effective in professional sales. Glenn's material is all his own and is presented in an easy to understand format, tailored for your business. I look forward to working with Glenn in the future. Ps, all the best for the IronMan world champs Glenn!

Graham Winder
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