5 Ways To Improve Your Sales Pitch

A Sales Pitch is a personalised and well-constructed presentation.

Having access to a world of information at our fingertips means today’s buyers are more informed than ever.

So how can you improve your sales pitch and ensure you secure the sale?

  Here are 5 tips to improve your sales pitch.  

1. Do Your Research

Creating a great pitch requires you to understand your customer. Doing market research will help you get to know your customer’s needs.   You should look at your prospect’s website and utilise LinkedIn to gain knowledge of what they do and what their needs may be.  

2. Know How To Overcome Objections 

Objection Handling Sales Skills - The Digital Sales Institute Knowing how to handle objections will:
  • Help build relationships
  • Establishing yourself as being experienced
  • Helps the salesperson determine whether a real opportunity exists

3. Listen To Understand

Active listening will give your prospect confidence in your service. Listening to understand saves time and frustration in the long-run as you will become aware of your prospect’s needs.  

4. Think About The Value Your Product Or Service Brings

Professionals who can show the value of their product above price will stand out to their prospects. People buy products or services for the value it will give them. So it’s best to educate your prospects about value rather than just focusing on features.  

5. Connect With Your Prospect Introduction to social media | Digital Ready

It is important to connect with your prospect personally and on social media. Some benefits of connecting with your prospect include:
  • You are more likely to make the sale- people are more likely to conduct business with those they have positive rapport with
  • Shows your prospects a more personal side of you, not just business
  • Creates a better customer experience
Have you considered how your salespeople can improve their sales pitch?

Contact KONA to discuss tailored options to enhance the performance of your sales team!

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