Day 1 – Blog for our Brisbane to Sydney cycle ride

Hello All, At last it has come down to the day of the ride.  We are 19 cyclists (I hesitate to say athletes) cycling 1100kms in 10 days with a support team in 2 vehicles. All good, right? I mean what could possibly go wrong?? I am pleased (and somewhat surprised) to report that we were pretty much on track from the start, with just a few minor hiccups but nothing overly concerning. One of the team missed his flight to Brisbane (great start fella!!), another needed urgent bike repairs when he drove into his driveway with his bike on the roof of his car and forgot about a low hanging branch (!!!) – as I said, what could possibly go wrong? But despite all this it was pure joy and some sense of relief to see the Team in Manly, Brisbane yesterday working thru the final bike checks and confirming the ride logistics before we got up at 4.30 am this morning. After a breakfast of a banana and a bottle of Gatorade we set off, with the media and an ABC film crew recording our departure We did have a slightly inauspicious start as we were locked in motel car park and couldn’t initially get out Then on leaving the car park one of the team got a flat tyre, however after that all we had to watch out for was pot holes, dead kangaroos, traffic and fatigue Riding in groups of 5 the rest of the day was a great success and very organised, with a total focus on safety (The absolute opposite to a typical Ironman triathlon   training ride!) 95 kms and 5 hours later we arrived in Miami just south of Surfers Paradise and went for a swim. A good finish to the day’s exercise Tomorrow we ride 120 kms from Miami to Ballina Stay tuned Glenn Dobson is the Managing Director of the KONA Group and raising funds for Fighting Chance, a charity that supports young people with cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities. For more information on KONA’s sales and sales management training and coaching courses in Sydney or Melbourne Australia, or how you can donate to our Brisbane to Sydney ride please call 1300 611 288 or email [email protected]