95 kms Cycle Before Breakfast! By Glenn Dobson

A few months ago on a KONA sales training program in Sydney I was introduced to a charity called Fighting Chance Fighting Chance were organising a 1,100 km cycle ride from Brisbane to Sydney to raise funds to help young people with severe disabilities to lead a more normal life and over the last few months KONA clients and friends have been making donations to raise $15,000 to buy new equipment Today 17 blokes from 7 different countries flew into Brisbane airport and spent the afternoon reassembling bicycles, carbo loading and talking rubbish, all in preparation for a 5am start tomorrow After a high carbohydrate meal each rider was presented with their own bike shirt, in the manner of receiving a State of Origin shirt or a Baggy Green We also each received a very moving note from one of the disabled teenagers and I am proud to be riding on behalf of Robert Mockbel, shown in this picture However tomorrow the talking stops and we start the first leg of the 1.100 km ride from Brisbane to the Gold Coast Stay in touch and if you would like to follow us I will be posting an update regularly as we battle saddle sores, potholes, ocean winds and impatient drivers Alternatively if you could make a small donation I and Robert will be extremely grateful Go to https://makingadifference.gofundraise.com.au/page/DobsonG