Technology Leasing ‘Brochure Dropping Reps’

Initial situation

  • Enthusiastic and committed team.
  • Inexperienced Sales Manager promoted up from being successful sales people.
  • Team of ‘brochure droppers’ rather than ‘business builders’.
  • Little to no accountability, limited results focus, no performance management processes in place.
  • Successful historically, yet needed to demonstrate to clients and business owners the value that their proposition brought to their businesses.

What we did …

  • Refocused sales team.
  • Introduced ‘Area Management Sales Productivity Process’.
  • Coached all sales team, in the field and in workshops, in ‘Achieving Sales Excellence’ solution selling skills.
  • Developed specific ACTIVITY plans for growth.
  • Introduced ‘Client Business Development Programme’ to drive “sell through”, not just “sell to”.

Outcomes …

  • 24% increase in sales revenues.
  • Relationship with major distributor became a true ‘‘strategic partnership’.
  • Area Managers rated as ‘professional advisers’ in CSI.
  • Massive penetration into what were ‘reluctant recommenders’.