March 2015: KONA Group helps raise $452,000 for disabled young Australians

On March the 8th, after 9 days in the saddle, we finally rode across the finish line in Sydney to be greeted by family, friends, the young disabled people and staff from Fighting Chance, Members of Parliament and sponsors It had been a marvelous week where we had averaged over 120 kms a day and battled with very sore backsides, headwinds, high and low temperatures, huge trucks and grey nomads puling caravans, potholes, flat tyres and a multitude of other daily challenges However this was all worthwhile as last week the final numbers came in and with the assistance of a vast array of contacts, colleagues and friends we’ve raised an incredible $452,905 through the Tour. 2015 Tour photo This is an amazing amount of money that will enable Fighting Chance to create a huge number of opportunities for young adults with a disability and take the number of people FC care for from 40 to 120! In 2014, we raised $345,000 so in only 2 short year we have raised over a $750,000 and we can’t thank you enough for all of your support, donations and goodwill, as you have certainly helped us to make a difference Best regards, Glenn Check out Fighting Chance COO Jordan O’Reilly discussing how your donations will make a difference at