Leadership and Management Training in Sydney and Melbourne

Leadership and Management Training in Sydney and MelbourneAre you looking for Leadership and Management Training so you can reach your peak potential? Are talented members of your organisation underperforming consistently?

Looking for Leadership and Management Training in Sydney and Melbourne?

KONA Group can help. Our Leadership and Management Training coaches in Sydney and Melbourne can help your leaders to maximise their operational effectiveness, create a vision for the future, improve their people skills and self awareness, and improve their team skills.

Leadership and Management Training in Sydney and Melbourne – Your Results

Here’s what you can expect to achieve with our Leadership and Management Training in Sydney and Melbourne services.
  • Leadership abilities developed at every level of your organisation, be it a team leader or a general manager.
  • Sales managers transform into sales leaders
  • High potential employees will recognise their leadership abilities and begin their journey of becoming leaders of tomorrow
  • Every individual in your organisation actively embraces a culture of leadership
  • Continuous improvements will lead to operational excellence
  • Individuals realise their true potential quicker

Leadership and Management Training Sydney and Melbourne – How You Benefit

When our Leadership and Management Training Specialists in Sydney and Melbourne work with your key executives and leaders, we work on helping them improve from within. This will directly bring your organisation a lot of benefits.
  • Increased collaboration
  • Improved team effectiveness
  • Your organisation becomes a lot more agile and dynamic
  • You will effectively see a culture of learning and performance
  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved productivity
  • Direct impact on bottom line

Proven Leadership and Management Training Specialists in Sydney and Melbourne

At KONA Group, we truly believe that human potential is limitless. All you need is a bit of honing, sharpening and chiselling, and the leader is unleashed. Whether you want to develop new leaders, or hone your current leaders, our Leadership and Management Training Specialists can help you. Contact Tim Kitching today to know how your business can benefit from Leadership Coaching. Tim is an Organisational and Executive Coach, Facilitator and Advisor at the KONA Group. The KONA Group is Australia’s Leading Sales and Sales Management Training and Coaching company and provide Customised Training programs that include:  Sales Training & CoachingKey Account Management TrainingCall Centre Training & coachingNegotiation Skills Training & CoachingMotivational SpeakersHR Consulting; and more. So if you are looking to increase the effectiveness and results of your organisation, contact KONA today on 1300 611 288 or text 0425200883 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help you to improve your organisation’s results.

3 Ways to Manage and Coach KPIs


Ask most people in Australian Organisations and they will know the term KPIs or Key Performance Indicators and yet sadly too many Managers and Leaders are not driving and coaching their people’s activity to help them achieve their KPIs.

In fact, outside of the Sales Profession, many organisations still do not have clear KPIs for Results AND Activity.

Activity Drives Results is a commonly heard principle in KONA Groups’ Sales Training and Sales Management Training, yet unfortunately Managers are still not focusing on how they can direct and influence the Quality, Direction and Quantity of their people’s activity.

In fact, to make it worse, many Managers regularly say “Oh, my people don’t like to be micromanaged.”

Well, if they are consistently reaching 120% of target then so be it, but if your people are below target, then it is the Managers job to set, monitor and coach their people towards their KPIs.

KPIs give Managers an insight into their employee’s performance on any given day, along with their potential contributions to an organisation’s strategy and future results and just like a ship plotting a course to a destination, they need to be reviewed daily and weekly, not just at the end of the month with a ‘miss or hit target’ conversation.

3 Ways to Manage and Coach KPIS

Make them relevant

KPIs are relevant for everybody in an organisation, not just sales, and should be aligned to winning, growing and retaining customers, and especially your Key Accounts.

Therefore, what are the KPIs you have set for your Marketing Department; Call Centre team; HR; Customer Service Team; Managers; Warehouse amongst others?

Some examples by position include:

Marketing – how many leads and inquiries do your need Marketing Department generate a month into the Sales Pipeline? How many EDMs, blogs, articles, seminars, events, website hits, Linked In and Facebook contacts. do they generate a month/quarter? Cost per inquiry?

Call Centre and Customer Service – NOT AHT which treats the customer as a number, but how many times do they make outbound calls as well as receive inbound calls, increase in order value through upselling and cross selling; increase in customer retention; sales from C and D class customers.

HR –  Staff retention rate; average tenure of staff; number of people they recruit on target; cost of recruitment per head (one client currently has a 40% retention rate of new people inside a year, and they don’t think that is a problem, even though it is costing the organisation a huge amount of money).

Warehouse – # of orders despatched; # of products picked; DIFOT (note DIFOT MUST be DELIVERY In Full On Time, NOT DESPATCHED In Full On Time);

Managers – # of people on target; increase in revenue & profit; # of customers; increase in customer spend from Key Account Management; # of monthly coaching sessions in their team.

Determine The Path

While it is important to know where you are going, it is equally important to know how you will get there.

This is very true in business so if you want to increase your business revenue by 5% you will have to determine ACTIVITY KPIs that will drive your Sales Pipeline and allow you to achieve that goal.

This can be done by making critical data available and determining which metrics can lead or influence your main KPIs.

One of the best ways to make the array of available metrics simpler is to categorize them as either lagging or leading indicators. The former pertain to inputs which measure the level of activity necessary to achieve certain goals. These lead to results and can be a challenge to determine but they can be influenced easily enough and can be set to specific goals.

For example, if you take a monthly target of say $200,000 and divide it into 20 days that is a daily target of $10,000 a day and your people should be on target on any given day in any given month.

However, if an employee is on $70,000 by day 10 then they are behind target so how will you change their activity to make up their shortfall (Sorry team, I realise that this is basic but it is devastating how many Managers are not managing this simple business principle with their people because they see it as ‘micromanagement’.)

Or worse, they are listening to their HR department too much when they talk about ‘empowerment’.

Empowerment has to be earned and regardless of what Fair Work Australia and IR Laws says is not a God given right. Hit KPIs and earn the right to be empowered. Miss target and Managers need to step in and Manage and Coach.

Determining Robust KPIs

Results are an outcome, a history, of the effectiveness of your people’s Activity.

So ensure that for every financial results there are Activity KPIS to drive the results.

Determining then Coaching KPIs your team and organisation can count on should be your main concern when thinking of strategies that can help it grow. Once you do, you need to determine ways you can use them to maximize their potential and to ensure your business proceeds in directions that can ensure the revenue streams you need. Use them to monitor progress, set up alerts where needed and communicate the importance of reaching each goal you set.

But whatever you do, do NOT leave KPI management to the end of the month or quarter as by then it is too late.

The KONA Group is Australia’s Leading Sales and Sales Management Training and Coaching company and provide customised training programs that include: HR Consulting; Sales Training & CoachingKey Account Management TrainingCall Centre Training & coachingNegotiation Skills Training & CoachingMotivational Speakers, and more.

So, if you are looking to increase the effectiveness and results of your sales team, contact KONA today on 1300 611 288 or email: [email protected] to discuss how we can help you to improve your organisation’s results.



Poor leadershipA bad workman blames his tools. This old English proverb rings as true today as when it was first coined in the past. When business isn’t performing well, team morale is affected, sales and revenue KPI’s are not being met, and the target is on your back as the leader. You lay awake at night with that sick feeling wondering how you are going to make this month’s mortgage, pay school fees and support the family. You have a couple of choices. You can blame your team, or the market, or the competition. Or, you can take a look at yourself as a leader and ask “what am I missing, and what can I do about it?”   Spotting the bad leader It can be hard to look in the mirror and see yourself as the problem. But great leaders grab business by the balls and take action. So, by confronting your own shortcomings as a leader, you can drive business back on the right path. Bad leadership can come in many forms: your own performance can fall below par, your interactions with employees can be too aggressive or too weak, you can say or do the wrong things, or your balance of strategy vs. execution is off. Bad leadership has a great many consequences. Projects fail, people leave, morale sinks and productivity falls. That is best case scenario. It can also be damaging to your health, lifestyle, and family, which unfortunately we see all too often. So, how can you tell if you are a bad leader? Let’s face it, your employees are probably not going to tell you – instead they’ll just leave. Look at the results Great leaders inspire great results. Apple’s Steve Jobs was sometimes a difficult leader to work for. He pushed boundaries and bruised egos. But he found ways to inspire the best brains in the world to create works of technological art and sell them by the million. Around the same time that Apple was dominating with smartphones, Nokia went downhill after years of ruling the mobile sector. What happened? Bad leadership at Nokia failed to innovate. Good leadership at Apple drove change and inspired new creations. So, if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, instead of seeking to blame anything and everything around you, look at what you are doing. Without good leadership, they are just “tools”.   Turning bad into good Even leaders need leadership. Accountability to high standards and improvements is a standard part of being an employee and it should be no different for the performance of leaders. By engaging KONA Group for leadership coaching, you will have someone give you a frank and critical assessment of how you stack up as a leader – an invaluable insight that can be confronting, but will ultimately transform you into a stronger, more capable leader that will inspire invaluable results to transform business performance.   Call KONA Group on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected] for more information and to discuss customised training and coaching programs. Alternatively, join in the conversation. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experience in relation to organisational leadership.