Executive Coaching in Sydney and Melbourne

Executive Coaching in Sydney and Melbourne

Executive Coaching in Sydney and Melbourne

KONA Group’s Executive Coaches in Sydney and Melbourne have structured the programme in a way that offers a framework to initiate participants into a process of self awareness, and to deal with challenges effectively. That structure is completely customised to suit the specific requirements and challenges of the executive. Whether coaching is desired to improve performance or address certain issues, results are only possible only when the participant wants to change and participates in the coaching programme willingly. We work with your organisation to make sure the coaching goals are understood clearly and the success metrics are clearly defined. Our Executive Coaching Specialists in Sydney and Melbourne will work one-on-one with your executives to build a confidential and congenial relationship.

Executive Coaching in Sydney and Melbourne – Focus Areas

Executive Coaching in Sydney and Melbourne – Your Results and Outcomes

Here’s a look at some of the results you can expect when your executives work with our Executive Coaching Specialists in Sydney and Melbourne

Your executives and managers will:

  • Become much more effective leaders
  • Learn proven delegation techniques that help with prioritisation and time management
  • Have a better work life balance
  • Learn how to generate more quality time for core functions of the business and to take the business towards growth

Your organisation will:

  • See improved collaboration
  • Experience improved effectiveness
  • Become much more dynamic and agile
  • See better retention rates
  • See a boost in bottom line
  • Experience improved productivity

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At KONA, we are here to see your business grow by honing your biggest assets – your executives, leaders and managers. Our coaches have years of corporate experience and highly passionate about training others to improve and transform. So if you are looking to increase the effectiveness and results of your organisation, contact KONA today on 1300 611 288 or text 0425200883 or email info@www.kona.com.au to discuss how we can help you to improve your organisation’s results. The KONA Group is Australia’s Leading Sales and Sales Management Training and Coaching company and provide Customised Training programs that include:  Sales Training & CoachingKey Account Management TrainingCall Centre Training & coachingExecutive Coaching; Negotiation Skills Training & CoachingMotivational Speakers, HR Consulting; and more. Talk to us today to know more about your Customised Executive Coaching workshops in Sydney and Melbourne