Day 6 – How to burn 6,000 calories in one day

One of the biggest challenges to multi day events is how to eat and drink enough to keep the body functioning under immense physical pressure, especially when you are on the move all of the time and don’t feel like eating. On an average working day most people burn around 2,500 calories. Yesterday I burnt over 6,000 on one days ride, which if I wasn’t eating on the bike and at each break, would create a major physical problem as my body would start to shut down Starting with a high carb breakfast I nibble every 10-15 minutes on bananas, power bars, meal replacement drinks like Nutrastart, muesli bars, Growling Dogs, veggie mite sandwiches, oranges, snakes and other delicacies. Then at each break I have tried vegetable pies, toast, smoothies, quiche, ham and cheese sandwiches, and more Today though I made the mistake of eating 2 sushi rolls which was a BIG mistake as, though high in carbs (fuel), they don’t digest well at 30 kms an hour. Cycling tip of the day – don’t ride behind a cyclist who won’t stop and throws up while pedalling! No more needs to be said Today is a 70 kms ‘rest and recovery’ day and we have arrived in Crescent Head after a relatively quiet day on tour. With time to reflect, the team have put together the best five moments of the tour for you to enjoy. 1, Two days in, apparently the six radios, two support cars, four support crew and nineteen riders was not enough to warn Yours Truly of a wooden bridge. The story goes that I rolled over whilst thinking about my nutrition routine when I get my front wheel stuck in between the wooden slats and fall off my bike nearly going over the edge of the bridge. 2, Peter ‘The Beaver’ Bevis, decides to introduce himself to the co founder of Fighting Chance, Jordan O’Reilly, in style. Whilst riding through beautiful country lanes surrounded by rolling hills and stunning crop fields, Jordan deciders to take a bite of his Carman’s muesli bar to give him a bit of energy to get through the last 10kms, at the same time Pete is trying hard to avoid the cow dung littered across the road, unfortunately Pete makes a slight misjudgement and rides straight through nice fresh cow dung which flicks up right into Jordan’s mouth. Apparently cow dung doesn’t compliment muesli bars in any way shape or form. 3, Pod One, a group that has come into their own over the last few days, made up of experienced riders who are eating up the kilometres on this tour. Being up at the front, they spend the majority of the time with the front support crew who are on hand to give out directions. After a stop in Macksville Tim speaks with the front support crew and informs them that the riders will not need directions saying “if anyone gets lost here they deserve to be lost”. As we head off the front support crew stops off at Woolworth’s to get the shopping done for a bbq that evening, only to look around and see a group of six riders circling the woolies car park trying to find their way. 4, Greg Rector drew first blood for the cause today, however not in heroic style. With only 5kms to go a bridge appears for Greg to overcome, after hearing stories from Glenn Dobson, Greg decides that it might be best to walk it. This also proved to be a problem, Greg jumps off his bike walks across the bridge only to fall over in front of a car that stops within feet of Greg. Luckily Kim was on hand with cameras to capture the moment. 5, Finally, nothing can beat Kim’s tremendous effort with his waterproofing. The irony of wearing a high vis, waterproof jacket to dinner in a pub was there for all to see when the moment Kim was peer pressured into removing the jacket, The Beaver Pete Bevis dropped his full, cold beer all over Kim. Well done boys. The team will need your messages of support more than ever for tomorrow, a 152kms ride is in front of us, going from Crescent Head to Taree. Please connect with us and keep sending your messages of support and donations as we get through the second half of the tour. We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Festival at the Spit Reserve in Mosman to welcome the riders home at around 1pm Cheers, Glenn To donate please go to Glenn Dobson is the Managing Director of the KONA Group and raising funds for Fighting Chance, a charity that supports young people with cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities. For more information on KONA’s sales and sales management training and coaching courses in Sydney or Melbourne Australia, or how you can donate to our Brisbane to Sydney ride please call 1300 611 288 or email [email protected]