Day 4 – Cow Pats, Toothless Bikies and Sore Behinds

Breakfast this morning in Grafton (where are all of the people? – it is a ghost town) – was a change from the Ham and Cheese rolls produced by Nev and Col every morning….  McDonald food of champions – 24 very hungry customers at 6.30am in the morning, certainly gave the 2 girls on service some real challenges,  perhaps we should have called ahead!!! Our day is well planned around regular stops to regroup and refuel and first stop this morning was at the bakery at Glenreagh where Nev our support driver was handing out apples. A fairly old and crusty biker (as in motor biker) rolled up and Nev wandered over and asked if he could have a photo with him.  The biker goes “why…” Nev says, “well we are a charity called Fighting Chance raising funds for disabled children and I just wondered if I could have a photo with you….   You can have an apple if you want….” The bikie responds…  “an apple,  why do I want an apple, I’ve got no F$&$%g  teeth!!!” One of our riders, John Maguire has given Col and Nev $50 so each day they can buy him a packet of frozen peas to ease his saddle sores for when we finish each day. However much to Johns disgust the money is being spent on ice to keep the beer cold We have now cycled 500 kms and after 4 days on the road it isn’t getting any easier. The Young Bulls are flying however us Old Bulls are hanging in there and chasing them up those hills As one bloke said when we rolled into Sawtel just South of Coffs Harbour – “Sawtel, sore legs and sore arse” Last 20 kms today were on very rough cow manure covered country roads. One of us had just opened up a Power Bar when the bike in front went through a fresh green cow pat and splashed it up all over the bar chewing bloke behind! Not sure if that flavour will catch on. Last scene of the day was Jordan ‘rehydrating’ on Fat Yak and he is going to have a really tough day tomorrow!! To donate please go to Glenn Dobson is the Managing Director of the KONA Group and raising funds for Fighting Chance, a charity that supports young people with cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities. For more information on KONA’s sales and sales management training and coaching courses in Sydney or Melbourne Australia, or how you can donate to our Brisbane to Sydney ride please call 1300 611 288 or email [email protected]