10 Tips To Get Your Staff Back To The Office

Over the past year clients have asked me two important and burning questions.

The first; “Is the great resignation a real thing?”

And the second; “How do I get the team back to the office?”

Garret Norris – CEO/Co-Founder KONA Group

The reasons behind the Great Resignation are as varied as the movement is widespread.

Yes, people want to get paid more money or they want a better job title, but some people crave more flexibility or continued work-from-home perks.

So, when you’re calling people back into the office, take care, as you may end up losing some of your top employees.

Here are a few tips we would advise you consider.

Clear Communication

Provide transparent and consistent communication to address any concerns or questions employees may have about returning to the office.

Share how we work together and our different styles using DISC.

Flexible Work Options

Offer a hybrid work model that combines remote and in-office work.

This allows employees to enjoy the benefits of both environments and can make the transition back to the office more appealing.

Redesign The Office Space

Evaluate and improve the office environment to create a more comfortable and engaging workspace.

Consider incorporating:

  • Flexible seating arrangements
  • Collaborative areas
  • Amenities like standing desks, comfortable seating, or recreational spaces.

Prioritise Health And Safety

 Implement and communicate robust health and safety measures to reassure employees about their well-being.

This may include regular cleaning and providing hand sanitisers.

Create A Sense Of Community

Foster a positive work culture by organising:

  • Team-building activities
  • Social events
  • Office celebrations

Again, using DISC will greatly assist with this. Encourage interactions and collaboration among employees to help them reconnect and rebuild relationships.

Recognise And Reward Efforts

Acknowledge the challenges faced during the transition and recognise employees’ contributions.

Implement recognition programs or incentives to motivate and appreciate their efforts as they return to the office.

Professional Development Opportunities

Offer training programs, workshops, or seminars that support employees’ growth and development.

Highlight the benefits of in-person learning and networking opportunities that are more easily accessible in the office environment.

There are many KONA programmes that will build community, moral and business opportunities at www.KONA.com.au

Employee Well-Being Initiatives

Invest in employee well-being programs such as:

  • Wellness challenges
  • Mental health support resources
  • Fitness classes

Demonstrating a commitment to the overall well-being of employees can encourage them to return to the office.

Engage In Two-Way Feedback

Encourage employees to share their thoughts and concerns about returning to the office.

Actively listen to their feedback, address any issues, and make adjustments where possible.

This collaborative approach can help build trust and increase employee engagement.

Lead By Example

Management and leadership should set a positive example by returning to the office themselves and demonstrating enthusiasm for in-person collaboration.

When employees see their leaders embracing the transition, it can inspire them to follow suit.

Remember that the needs and preferences of employees may vary, so it’s essential to remain flexible and consider individual circumstances as you encourage workers to come back to the office.

Contact KONA today to find out how we can help you get your team motivated to return to the office!