W.I.I.F.T. – What’s in it for them: Putting Consumers’ Shoe into New Perspective

Every salesperson is aware of the “What’s in it for me” (W.I.I.F.M) as something that can benefit their company by focusing on the How, Why, and What they are selling, which matters to prospective clients they are trying to close a deal with.

Today, most salespeople are introduced to shifting with What’s in it for them (W.I.I.F.T).

W.I.I.F.T takes a massive shift for marketers who are now exposed to the different behaviours and seasonal needs of their consumers. It is more prominent in the market that most consumers are focusing on how businesses are keeping up their expertise with emotional intelligence, and shifting to WIIFT is one of the ways of helping startup businesses that are looking for potential target customers.

In this infographic, we will discuss the different areas where you can integrate W.I.I.F.T to your consumers.

But first, let us look into identifying consumer needs that today’s companies should consider.

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KONA Infographic on W.I.I.F.T.