Board or Leadership Alignment Session

Are your Board of Directors Aligned? Is there Conflict or Misunderstanding? Are your Senior Managers pulling in the same direction? HERE ARE SOME INDICATORS THAT A BOARD OR LEADERSHIP TEAM WILL BENEFIT FROM AN ALIGNMENT SESSION: When a board has refreshed and/or augmented with one or more new members there is a need to proactively ensure that everyone is in alignment on critical issues, strategy, strategic priorities and/or challenges that aren’t being resolved and/or can’t be fully addressed during regularly scheduled board meetings. When there is a feeling of “us versus them” limiting the effectiveness of the leaders and/or the CEO/Executive Director. When there is a division between directors who are in support of the CEO/Executive Director and others who are not– some believing the leader is effective while others don’t. When a new leader or decision maker is new and selected people resist leadership from an “outsider,” allowing their decisions to be biased in favour of past norms rather than considering current and future strategic direction. When the leaders have not adopted a clear set of decision-making processes, has not been consistent with its oversight role and/or has not been engaged in ensuring that all key stake holders are addressing their top priorities. When the board has a new member who has not been elected through proper succession planning. When the board is divided about strategy, strategic priorities, the leadership of the organisation or about any event that had negative ramifications for the organisation internally or externally in the past year. When the board needs an objective and trusted third party to get realigned because internal preconceived judgments and expectations are impeding a fresh perspective. The situations in which a board might pursue having an alignment session are not limited to the circumstances listed above, and having an alignment session is not an indicator that a board is dysfunctional! Boards should strive to be healthy. The importance of good board dynamics and good governance can’t be underestimated and require vigilance. The ultimate goal of a board alignment session is to inspire and enlist all directors to work together for the ultimate success of the organization they all serve. In every session that we have led, participants consistently agree that they have gained clarity about more than they could have envisioned and they all wish they had held a session sooner. If you’d like to discuss your situation  in more detail, please call us today for a confidential no obligation consultation. 1300 833 574