Day 3 – 150kms and the Beaver is Back

Hi all, Today’s update is a bit brief as we had a 9 hour journey riding 147kms in testing conditions. It was hot, windy and busy (see the stats below) The day got off to a bit of a late start with everyone moving a little slowly after the birthday celebrations last evening but once again spirits were lifted thanks to a sensational sunrise. After a quick stop for a photo at the Ballina Big Prawn we were on our way. Apart from me nearly falling over the edge of a bridge yesterday when my tyre got stuck inbetween wooden planks, we had our first fall for the ride when Tim hit the deck (literally) walking his bike onto the car ferry at South Ballina. Everyone made the ride safely and in good spirits – if not pretty fatigued. I expect that we will be in bed not much past sunset tonight. Another testing day tomorrow with the ride to Coffs and Sawtell, and then onto Bellingen for the night. Lots of hill climbing! How do we know that we are successfully getting the Fighting Chance message out there? Well today we got an indication. One of the riders (Kim McD) walked onto a shop in Maclean and was stopped by a guy who saw his Tour jersey and said “I saw you guys on tele and you are doing great work – keep it up”. Now with no disrespect to the fine people of Maclean, but it is not a major regional town let alone a thriving metropolis, but if the message is registering here, then we are on the right track- all good!! For those of you waiting for the ride to start before making your donation – now would be a good time to show your support. Those ‘New Donation” messages work wonders on restoring the energy levels!! To donate please go to Glenn Dobson is the Managing Director of the KONA Group and raising funds for Fighting Chance, a charity that supports young people with cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities. For more information on KONA’s sales and sales management training and coaching courses in Sydney or Melbourne Australia, or how you can donate to our Brisbane to Sydney ride please call 1300 611 288 or email