Some Do, Others Teach

I do both, but when I’m running a workshop for Salespeople, sometimes I get pushback. I remember once, Sales Trainer Glenn Dobson was challenged with this statement when running a workshop and his response was spot on: “How do you think I got to be here!” I remember once I received a similar challenge as a Sales Trainer when delivering a Call Centre Sales Workshop. My response was to counter challenge. I suggested that we both sit side by side and hit the phone, the person who delivered the weakest result in one hour had to buy lunch for the entire workshop of 10 people, this challenge was declined by the delegate!

In life there is a timeless saying that encapsulates a deep message: “Some do, others teach.”

This simple, thought-provoking phrase captures the intricate relationship between those who actively engage in doing and those who choose to convey their wisdom through teaching.

We will unravel the layers of this idea, examining the connection between action and instruction, and how each informs and enriches the other.

A quote about teaching and learning from Hilda Charlton.

The Doers:

“Some do” – a mantra embraced by those who plunge headfirst into action, tackling challenges, pushing boundaries, and carving their paths through experience. These individuals are the pioneers, the risk-takers, the embodiment of resilience and tenacity. The doers are the architects of progress, the catalysts of change, whose actions shape the world we know.

The Teachers:

On the flip side, there are those who find fulfilment in guiding, shaping, and enlightening others. These are the educators, mentors, and influencers who embody the spirit of “others teach.” They draw from their own experiences, both triumphs, and tribulations, to mould the minds of the next generation. Through the art of instruction, they pass on the torch of knowledge, sparking curiosity and creativity. The teachers play a pivotal role in building a foundation upon which the doers can stand, enabling them to reach even greater heights.

Quote rebutting the notion that those who can't do, teach.

The Relationship Between Doing and Teaching

The dynamic relationship between doing and teaching is not a contrast, but a partnership. The lessons learned in the field, the trenches of real-world experience, provide the substance for the narratives shared in classrooms and lecture halls. Conversely, the insights gained through teaching illuminate the blind spots of action, refining strategies, and filling them with a deeper understanding of the consequences of their choices.

Consider the artist who, through years of dedicated practice and experimentation, perfects their craft. They become both the doer and the teacher, using their mastery to inspire aspiring artists. The entrepreneur who navigates the turbulent seas of business becomes not only a doer but also a mentor, sharing the pearls of wisdom with budding business minds. In this interaction, both realms thrive, each feeding off the vitality of the other. It amuses me when sometimes we get “You charge XXX for one day!” And my response is always the same; “No, I charge XXX for 30 years’ experience and one day delivery.”

“Some do, others teach” represents the ebb and flow of knowledge, wisdom, and growth. The doers and the teachers, though seemingly distinct, are two sides of the same coin, each enriching the other in a perpetual cycle of learning and application.

It is in embracing this paradox that we unlock the true potential of human endeavour, fostering a harmonious relationship between action and instruction that propels us forward on the journey of self-discovery and collective progress.

Quote about the importance of teachers in creating all other professions.

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