Sales Team Not Making Enough Appointments

Initial Situation

  • Relying on TV and Radio lead generation campaign but not converting inbound leads
  • Under pressure from government to maintain funding as not achieving business KPIs
  • 2 teams of 19 telephone people in each team
  • Both teams making less than 1 telephone appointment a month!
  • Team complacent and making excuses
  • Managers not driving activity

KONA Solution and Action

  • Introduced a weekly ‘Power Hour’
  • Coached Managers on how to motivate and drive a Power Hour with their teams
  • Developed tools and processes and competitions to motivate the team
  • Developed skills to engage with clients, then rehearsed, before hitting the telephones!


  • In one Power Hour the whole sales team made 431 appointments with new prospects!!!
  • In Power Hour one team made 237 appointments!!!
  • In an Induction Power Hour a group of New Recruits made 157 appointments, after only 3 days on the job!
  • KPIs now being smashed
  • Results doubled in 8 months