“Comfortable and Underachieving” Sales Team of an International Manufacturer & Distributor of Building Products

Initial situation

  • Nearly all of the team conveyed a sense of ‘being quite comfortable’.
  • Sales force productivity, ROI and effectiveness was poor.
  • Spending too much time with the ‘wrong’ customers.
  • Greatest confidence was displayed in one-on-one interactions with ‘mates’.
  • ‘Solution Selling’ didn’t not come easily to most of the team – closing was avoided in many cases.
  • ‘Let me do a quote/estimation (and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can come up with a compelling story)’ is as close as they come to a ‘value proposition sell’.

What we did …

  • Introduced a National ‘solutions’ aligned sales process (Hearts and Minds).
  • Introduced a Sales Productivity and Pipeline system.
  • Realigned of selling time to high value customers and prospects.
  • Developed advanced sales skills to sell higher up the food chain.
  • Developed advanced merchandising/distributor development skills.
  • Trained managers to sustain the development programmes.

Outcomes …

  • Replaced 70% of the sales team.
  • Replaced 80% of the Sales Management team.
  • Grew market share by 5% in a declining market.
  • Measurement of sales force increased by 17% to ‘proactive & professional/consultative’ methodology.
  • Customers all along the food chain worked closer to them.