Transport Organisation Consistently Missing Target

Client’s Situation

  • No commitment to understanding clients business and individual requirements
  • No structured sales methodology in place
  • No management coaching in place
  • Declining staff motivation and morale due to being too busy
  • Increasing staff turnover
  • Lost business opportunities and ROI from Marketing/Leads

KONA Solution and Action

  • Implemented ACTC™ process
  • Developed and delivered 5 Customised modules
  • Introduced Train The Trainer program so Managers can run modules going forward
  • Restructured Sales Incentive scheme to reward performance and conversions/bookings


  • Increased customer bookings by 15% overnight!
  • International Business up by 7%
  • Domestic Business up by 16%
  • IP now retained in-house and being delivered to new recruits
  • Non performers being given the chance through personal coaching to perform, or ‘be made available to industry