Sales is no different to dating with both requiring a skill set that begins with the assessment of a stranger through to engaging interest in order to ensure you see each other again.

But from the turn of the 20th century to the present day, the pursuit of romance and similarly a Lead, has been an evolving part of culture.

Remember the gentleman caller of the early 1900s, followed by the days of courtship mid century, and the 80s where the anticipation of love was symbolised by a blinking answering machine light, the evolution continued from dating sites to the now simple direct method of swiping right on an app.

The sales journey is no different, the travelling sales man using public phone boxes evolved to mobiles, contacting Leads by fax is now a click on an email and, client social gatherings in pubs to form credibility has now become connections on Linkedin.

In both sales and dating, the biggest shift over time is in how we communicate effectively with a stranger to establish an ongoing relationship.

But you must keep up with the changes to stay in the game.

The sales environment is changing rapidly and continuously and this can impact conversion rates and how you hit your targets.

The changes can be varied and numerous – in the way you connect with prospects, differentiating from your competitors and how you position yourself – that is why there is a dire there is a need for businesses to establish an understanding of these changes and gain skills to learn how to adapt to change in order to keep up with industry shifts.

Technology has helped selling come a long way. And when it comes to sales and marketing, change is the name of the game. In fact, just when you think you’re getting the hang of things, you realise that you may be lagging behind.

So how does a Sales Specialist keep up with ever-changing trends in this dynamic field? After all, the competition isn’t going to stop. Staying on top of industry changes can be easier than you think however. Here are a few quick techniques:


Networking with industry minds on social media is a beneficial way to stay in the loop of any movements in your field. Communicating through posts, or simply digesting news articles keeps you informed and moving forward.


Stay informed by being notified. Having alerts and email notifications switched on and refined to professional topic that interests you will keep you up to date with your industry changes.


There is certainly a vast landfill of unclean data out in the Blogasphere, but if you if you dig deep enough you may just unearth some hidden treasurers that should provide you with some valuable knowledge, after all: “Information = Knowledge, Knowledge = Confidence, Confidence = Attitude,  Attitude = Success”Garret Norris | HBB Group CEO.


The online world can deliver you some gripping information, but there’s something quite valuable and unique to be gained from having an actual vocal conversation – it opens up a very different world of insights into the needs of the person you are exchanging words with. It’s only once you’ve understood how to address these needs that you’ll have a clearer understanding of where your industry is heading.

These techniques are immediate actions you can make in your effort towards adapting to change, the long term goal is in changing your mindset.

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“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”