Poor Respect for Good Health

Why does 60% of the population value their car, house, clothing etc more than their health? Statistics show that overweight and obese people are more likely to suffer depression and be absent from work. Long after your business success or you have paid off the mortgage your health or lack of lingers on. Poor health speeds your journey to becoming old and limits your ability to contribute and achieve success as you progress – success is something you strived for for many years and you will continue to want it. Poor health will stop you and for some it will stop them dead. The effects of poor nutrition and excess alcohol take affect about middle age and the body begins to suffer and break down. Looking forward to retirement so you can do the things you want is a backward mentality; if you haven’t developed the habit now you will take your current habits with you as you age. Now is the time to start. Good health allows you to make the most of your next life phase and be successful in new activities and challenges. Good health allows you to move smoothly with the ageing process and step into the changes gracefully and maintain the feeling of success you achieved through business. Want to play golf or go dancing when you retire? Start now. 5 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss and Health…
  1. Activate your mind and embrace health – don’t break old habits, create new habits. Be active eat and drink sensibly.
  2. Lifestyle: enter into an eating and activity plan you can maintain indefinitely and make changes gradually. Fast food and alcohol in moderation and eat plenty of natural foods and get moving 3-5 days per week for 30 minutes.
  3. Knowledge: Your business success was built on knowledge and transitioning to being healthy also takes knowledge. Learn about wise food choices to strengthen your internal organs and brain and complement it with activity for increased energy, brain functioning and strong heart and lungs.
  4. Plan to achieve by taking into account your schedule, responsibilities and people who will be affected by your transition – it takes time to incorporate it into your life successfully.
  5. Reflection: Regularly monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments.
To reduce sick days and strengthen your employees greatest asset, their health, contact KONA’s Health & Fitness expert Timothy Kitching on 1300 611 288 or info@KONA.com.au Or invite him to join your Sales Training in Australia or next Team Building event and really make a difference