DISC Personality Test Sales Training Australia

DISC Personality Test Sales Training Australia

DISC Personality Test Australia Selling is not just about the numbers. That kind of approach may have worked in the past, but now customers want to be engaged with, and not just told all of the technical details of your products and services. Understanding a customer’s personality and communication preferences is now crucial. KONA Group, with over 16 years of experience in sales training in Australia, has crafted a highly effective approach to selling – the Hearts and Minds sales methodology and through the DISC Personality Test, Sales Training Australia programs have proven to deliver outstanding results. Enrol your sales team into the number one DISC Personality Test Sales Training Australia programme and change the way they look at selling forever.

DISC Personality Test Sales Training AustraliaKONA’s Approach.

Our Hearts and Minds sales program has been crafted from deep understanding of the reason why people buy. Pushy sales techniques, pressure tactics and all the other strategies that focus on closing the sale and not the customer don’t deliver long term results. Our DISC Personality Test Sales Training Australia programme is a simple, practical and highly effective approach to selling. It brings to the fore a new way of selling, a new mindset that transforms selling into a process of building relationships with your prospects. Our expert coaches will teach your sales people some practical skills that will transform the results they deliver.

DISC Personality Test Sales Training Australia – What Your Sales Team Will Learn

Your sales team will learn how to: Make Your Investment in DISC Personality Test Sales Training Australia Work For You. Just another sales strategy won’t work. At KONA, our sales training coaches will customise your sales training to suit the needs of your organisation. Effective and Pragmatic – Our Heart & Minds Sales Training Methodology is highly practical and has proven to have increased results for our clients be it in terms of the number of deals closed, sales figures or the number of leads generated. Your sales team will learn the skills and techniques of our Hearts & Minds Sales Training methodology in Sydney and Melbourne and will be able to implement these in their day to day interaction with customers. They will be able to identify and build a Sales Pipeline full of the right opportunities, and build relationships to Manage Key Accounts and close sales quickly, effectively and efficiently. Achieve the results your organisation needs with our bespoke and tailored programmes and don’t waste money on “by the book” or “off the shelf” Sales Training Courses in Sydney and Melbourne Contact KONA today for results driven Sales Training Courses in Sydney and Melbourne. The KONA Group is Australia’s Leading Sales and Sales Management Training and Coaching company and provide Customised Training programs that include: Sales Training & Coaching, Sales Pipeline Training, Key Account Management Training, Call Centre Training & coaching, Negotiation Skills Training & Coaching, Motivational Speakers, HR Consulting; and more. So if you are looking to increase the effectiveness and results of your organisation, contact KONA today on 1300 611 288 or text 0425200883 or email info@www.kona.com.au to discuss how we can help you to improve your organisation’s results.