Day 10 – Going Home

After a very funny Mexican evening in Nelson Bay and a belly full of Burritos to blow us home we set off yet again into a dawn of clear skies…   Today we had another ferry to catch across the river into Newcastle.  A brisk pace was set and off we went.  Little did Peter Eborn know it would be the day to take out the Black Hand award with multiple punctures and a stack when trying to take path space from big Stevie G… img_3283 Newcastle held a few surprises,  over the hill to Bar Beach and onto Merewether.  The need to concentrate was paramount as walking obstacles proved highly distracting.  Just about as distracting as Byron Bay!!  Onwards – the beautiful Fernleigh bike path for 20kms before making Blue Wren Drive to Elizabeth Bay.  A significant milestone of 1,000 kms pedalled and the whisper came through that the fundraising target had been achieved.  A very satisfying stop for lunch at Lizzies of Elizabeth Bay. 20140307_133752 You will notice my bike in this photo.  From a distance it looks like an impressive Ironman Time Trial bike, however after 1,100 kms up close it rattles and squeaks and clearly it is in need of a new ‘engine’. After this event, in 8 weeks time it will be responsible for carrying me 180 kms in the Australian Ironman at Port Macquarie. One posed the question as to who rattles and squeaks the most – Bike or Rider??? The afternoon concluded with one more flat tyre for Peter E, this time a wheel replacement was in order and on we rolled into The Entrance and a private awards ceremony.  Not before one last post ride rehydration session. 2014-03-07-14-50-16 Start of day 10 came with a beautiful sunrise and 6.30am departure for the last time…   This was to be a day of reflection, taking it all in and thinking about what we had achieved. 2014-03-08-06-44-05 Strict ride instructions were issued,  “Stay tight boys, keep the PODs together, lets get home safely…   Did Pod One listen or was this one last chance for a 33kmph pedal… 39kms to Ettalong for the Ferry and our last bakery stop. 20140308_090113 2014-03-08-10-07-17   Off the ferry on to the Palm Beach route… this is training territory….  Newport Hill – Easy!… A stop off at Mona Vale Quality Meats for Rod and Steve to meet family and friends, then into Narrabeen to Tim’s house and a wonderful photo with his daughter Ashleigh. The inspiration behind Tim which led to this great event img_6010 We are all getting very excited… Back on the training route to South Steyn Surf Club and the Group MANLY Photo to bookend the trip…  we had made it!  Manly to Manly… Up Lauderdale Avenue to the Spit for a group photo and waiting for the word from Paul to roll down Battle Boulevarde over the Spit Bridge and into final 100 m and over the finish line. 2014-03-08-12-46-44 Day 10 was a real mix of emotions – anticipation, satisfaction, accomplishment, relief, pride, gratitude, and a nagging sense of something between disappointment and loss from knowing that this journey was ending and that this group of 25 Fighting Chance 2014 team members would in all likelihood never be together again. But the sweetest sensation for me was seeing the faces of my family and those of the Fighting Chance members who we were raising funds for as we pedalled into Mosman – pure joy!!! I’m sure every one felt the same, one amazing crusade led by Tim, one fine pair of siblings leading Fighting Chance… One final group photo and a lovely way to say good bye… No more pedalling to do!!….. STATISTICS
  • 1,109.3 kilometers travelled
  • 9,013 meters climbed
  • 44hrs and 9mins in the saddle
  • 25.18kmph average pace
  • sausage rolls eaten???
  • Over $250,000 raised…
and a final note…. You can still donate…..   or even donate again at THANK YOU ALL!!!! Glenn To donate please go to Glenn Dobson is the Managing Director of the KONA Group and raising funds for Fighting Chance, a charity that supports young people with cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities. For more information on KONA’s sales and sales management training and coaching courses in Sydney or Melbourne Australia, or how you can donate to our Brisbane to Sydney ride please call 1300 611 288 or email [email protected]