Customer Profiling: A Smarter Way to Reach Your Customers

Customers are one of the most invaluable assets that keep businesses up and running. That’s why it is imperative to adapt and develop new strategies that fit their changing preferences and needs, and it is no doubt that certain brands take good credit when they comply with their customer’s needs. In order to do just that, conducting a thorough customer profiling technique is of utmost importance. It allows you to take a closer look with the different aspects that your customers desire about the product or service they need. Having a professional relationship with your prospects is one of the clear bases that you are on the right track of profiling them. Gathering feedback from your customers and prospects, while can be quite challenging, is also a great way to gather information about your customers. But, what to “do” with that information is the next step that often eludes many small-business owners. In this article, we will be discussing specific critical pointers that you should consider when starting customer profiling. Here are a few smart ways on how you can improve your customer profiling:
  • Create Buyer’s Ideal Persona

The first step you should take in assembling your customer persona is to create broad descriptions of each ideal customer. Classifying your customers and prospects will give you time to focus on their specific needs and personal preferences.
  • Gather the Right Data 

Conducting an appropriate strategy to track down your customer’s preference will make it easier for you to assess and create a suitable sales plan for them. When gathering customer data, however, bear in mind the existing data protection regulations in place that you might breach. To ensure that you comply with these regulations, also attach on your profiling a non-disclosure agreement between you and your consumers.
  • Identify Platforms Where Consumers Find You 

If social media plays a huge role in your marketing and sales efforts, it is only wise to identify on which platforms your customers engage you with  the most. Listing down all the available platforms that you have and evaluating their built-in analytics will give you valuable insight on where they live, what time of the day they are most active, and the type of content from your brand they engage the most.  
  • Micro-Target 

The bigger picture of your product advertisement is quite intimidating regarding coming up with a vast number of consumers who are either interested or not interested in your products. While it’s important to understand the behaviour and patterns of broad customer groups, but it’s important to dig deeper into the dynamics of sub-categories, too. Let’s take, for example, toddlers. Toddlers are known for their active moods and impulsive behaviour. To target this niche more effectively, you will adjust your content and products to their preferred needs as perceived by their parents. Contact KONA Customised Training and Consulting on 1300 611 288 or today to learn more on how you can integrate a useful customer profiling to increase more sales. You may also visit our website at if you are interested in keeping on track with articles about sales and management training.