Book a KONA Fit 4 Work workshop in January and receive a FREE Fitness Coaching session for your team

Let Timothy Kitching, KONA’s Heath Expert, Make 2013 a Healthier You If you make only one new years resolution that you keep commit to this one as it will… 1.    Improve your decision making powers 2.    Decrease sick leave and save $$$ on costly medical bills 3.    Open your mind to new projects 4.    Increase staff motivation, retention and productivity This unique seminar will be held in your business for your team and is crammed with information to increase energy and productivity, clarity and focus for accurate decision making and improve overall performance. Healthy people means a healthy organisation. Give yourself and organisation a make over and hit 2013 early with this renovation special that can be tailored to suit your needs from a 1 hour conference presentation to a 4 hour workshop. We’ve left the rocket science for the scientists and trimmed the fat so the life changing message will benefit you and your organisation. Don’t let January be the start of you and your business racing towards an early grave Call or email Timothy at KONA on 1300 611 288 or and book a presentation. Overweight and inactive employees are 17% more likely to have sick days and suffer from depression than healthier colleagues. That’s costly isn’t it? Don’t get stuck in the same thoughts, routines, patterns and results! 2013 is the year to clear your mind, unclog your arteries and put HEALTH into Occupational Health & Safety. Stop poor health affecting your organisation. Special offer: 2013 won’t change by itself so book Timothy for a January Workshop and a FREE Fitness Coaching session for your team Your presenter has a life time of sport and fitness behind him, holds a Certificate IV in Fitness and is a previous volunteer speaker for the Heart Foundation. Make it happen today and call or email Timothy at KONA on 1300 611 288 or and book a presentation. Testimonial “Timothy is an excellent presenter and participants feel at ease with his style and manner. He delivers what he promises and participants finish his workshop with a new set of skills feeling confident they can apply to their work. “ Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Linda White, President Warringah Chamber of Commerce.