4 Steps to Increase Productivity, Powered by Health

Get into the mind of an athlete and increase the performance of your team. Open paths to fresh ideas, decrease stress and sick leave, increase coping mechanisms and develop an invigorating energy.

An athlete has a long-term plan for success to ensure their body and mind stay strong and flexible to cope with the demanding workload. Their success is forged on passion, proper nutrition, and intense bouts of activity, variety and rest. The result is exceptional performance.

Contrast this with the business world that are overloaded with information, stress, boredom, deadlines, minimal activity, ‘it’s a job mentality’ and a box they sit in front of daily. The result is decreased performance and profit.

Combat the constant pressure of business with these power boosters…

  1. Overcome boredom & monotony by starting a lunch away from the desk initiative and this will freshen stale minds.
  2. Start a weight loss contest with a prize for the top 5 losers and this will create a flow of enthusiasm and increase morale. Promote it with posters, food and activity tips and education. Show them how and it will take care of itself.
  3. Remove unhealthy snacks like biscuits, chips etc from the office; when these things are out of view they are less tempting. Replace them with nuts, fruit and cracker biscuits.
  4. Stop causing physical stress, wrecking spines and causing pain in the office; it’s costly and decreasing productivity. Continual sitting crushes spines and increases pain and discomfort that lead to decreased performance. Postural alignment at the desk is as important as a weightlifters posture during a heavy lift; it’s vital for safety, performance and results. Have a workstation assessment and save your spine from permanent damage.

Tighten the control of your results and instigate a health program so you and your team perform like business athletes.

Contact KONA’s Health & Fitness expert Timothy Kitching for health or workstation set up presentations and workstation assessments. Book a presentation or 10 + assessments during January or February and receive three complimentary assessments valued at $300.