Free Coaching Session with KONA’s 2013 Sales Heart Starter Workshop

Will 2013 Be The Year You Wished Your Sales Team Never Had? ‘Hope Is Not A Strategy’ so what exactly are your sales people going to do in 2013 that will be really, honestly, truly different to 2012? They might be promising a lot but do they really know HOW to execute your sales strategy and the ACTIONS they need to take? Or is it going to be more of the same, plus a lot of hope, mixed with a few different excuses? Book KONA’s “Sales Heart Starter” workshop to ensure that 2013 kicks off with a bang (and prevent some of your people not be effective until EASTER!!) Key outcomes of this one day workshop include 1. Be certain your people are focused on the critical ACTIVITIES, with the most important CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS, and having the right CONVERSATIONS; 2. Build a DISCIPLINE that drives EXECUTION; 3. Focus your MANAGERS on COACHING their people in the field, not from behind their desk; 4. Link Your Strategy to Your Clients/Customers to ACCOUNTABILITY and ACTION 5. Learn who is going to make it, or not, before it is too late NO MORE EXCUSES from your sales team. Hit the New Year in top gear and call or email Glenn at KONA on 1300 611 288 or to ensure they are on track for 2013 SPECIAL OFFER – Hope Is Not A Strategy so book a 1 day “2013 Sales Heart Starter” Workshop for January or February and receive a FREE follow up coaching session to review workshop outcomes and hold your people accountable to their promises Start your momentum for 2013 today and call or email Glenn at KONA on 1300 611 288 or For more information go to or