Best End of Year Work Party with ROI

The end-of-year celebrations are a great test to see those true personalities come out, especially after almost two years on zooms! And that’s why it’s important to understand the different behaviour types within your organisation, so that you embed a strong positive team culture going into the New Year. Fundamentally, understanding the drivers of people’s behaviour is what turns a company into an awesome organisation. With that in mind, having a high-performing team is what every leader wants to accomplish. And it all begins with understanding each other. That is, understanding our colleagues, our customers, and equally as important, understanding our self!
As groups of people working together, day in day out, we need to know how to navigate different behaviours. DISC Behaviour Profiling is so much FUN. But also, it helps us better understand why we behave the way we do. Additionally, it shows us how we can work and communicate better with the four different behaviour types. Basically, it is a really fun way of improving the culture and productivity of your workplace.
Delivering DISC Work Party team in a car park
Fun Specialist Garret Norris Delivering a DISC Work Party in a Car Park

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  Think about it. You get your team all together at the office, chips, nibbles, drinks and DISC Games! Have a DISC Party – where you can have fun and learn something new at the same time. We call it EDUTAINMENT! What an investment in your people, team, and ultimately your organisation. This will be the end of year party they will all remember for all the good reasons when they return in 2022.
Applying the knowledge of DISC in the workplace is straightforward and its benefits can include developing more effective managers and leaders, building cohesive teams, improving sales and customer service, enhancing communication and reducing conflict… to name just a few.

“DISC is the ultimate ‘mirror on the wall’ that explains what everyone else can see: the surface level of who you are – your behaviour.”

Dominance (D) – How we deal with problems and challenges. Influence (I) – How we deal with people and contacts. Steadiness (S) – How we deal with the pace and consistency of the environment. Compliance (C) – How we deal with procedures and constraints. DISC Profiling is used by an estimated 75% of the Fortune 500 because of what it delivers. It continues to be the most popular choice for professional development as well as recruitment and selection. And the most powerful thing about DISC is its simplicity.
You provide the nibbles and drinks and we will take care of the rest! Your DISC Team Work Party will include:
  • DISC Facilitator + Fun Specialist comes to you
  • Individual Comprehensive DISC Profile Report
  • Unpacking DISC Reports
  • Action-Packed Activities
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Individual Certificate of Understanding Human Behaviour for Every Participant
  • Company Certificate of Understanding Human Behaviour
  • All Tailored Edutainment Materials

DISC work party four men

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