Always Be Closing: 7 Strategies to Close the Sale

Closing a sale is considered the most critical step in the sales process. But as mentioned in the previous article about why your sales are dropping, many salespeople often fail at this stage, most often because they follow an ineffective sales pipeline, and because they lack the proper sales training to support their sales objectives. While closing a sale can be quite intimidating, equipping your salespeople with techniques based on deeply invested and well-researched sales plans will significantly increase their chance of closing more deals. To help you get started, we listed seven sales closing techniques that can make sure your sales wins grow more prominent on the long-term process.
  1. Summary Close – Customers like to visualize the benefits they can gain from the purchase long before they actually make a decision. By summarising the different benefits that your customer will be receiving, you are essentially giving them a clear picture of what items and guarantees will they be experiencing to use out of the deal.
  2. Question Close – This technique utilizes probing questions which can help the sales person identify if they are negotiating with a prospect or a suspect. By asking a series of probing questions such as “Am I offering a solution that can address your needs?”, you may be able to discover if that person is sold on your product, or yet, identify any potential objections that they you want to address before they make a final decision.
  3. Now or Never – Aggressive selling tactics are one of the most highly effective sales strategies wherein a sales person makes a time-bound or irresistible offer to close a sale. This technique is effective to use for customers who have not decided yet whether they should purchase or not because this shows the sense of urgency.
  4. Assumptive Close – Assumptive close, as the name implies is a technique where a sales person assumes that the prospect is going to buy the product or avail the service. The trick behind this technique is that it shows your confidence about your offering and its suitability to your customer’s unique needs. When a customer feels that they are being helped with a confident sales professional that understands them, they are more likely to show resistance and follow the lead of that sales professional.
  5. Extra Incentive – Closing a deal is sometimes a matter of giving additional incentives to your potential customers. A free trial or complimentary service will not only give the customer a sense of urgency to avail the free offer when it is near its expiration, but it will also help you gain more leads as people love to receive free items from their purchase – regardless of the product or service it is.
  6. Take Away Close – This particular sales technique adapts to the psychological practice on how children are attached to toys to purchase, but, parents disapprove to be bought. In this technique, a significant feature of the product or service is removed in exchange for a discounted price. By doing so, the customer will think if the discount is really worth getting for that special feature they will be choose not to avail.
  7. Opinion/Suggestion Close – When you’re in the closing stages of a sale, one challenge you might encounter is conveying to your client the value of your product or service. The ability to gauge their interest by showing your personal preference and opinion about the item will ensure trust and good sales interaction and purchase to customers.
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