6 Points Of Power Mapping Your Team Needs To Know

6 Ways To Boost Your Professional Network.

Referred leads close six times more successfully than non-referred leads.

However, you need to find your influencers to generate them. This is where Power Mapping comes into play.

But what is Power Mapping?

A Power Map is a visual representation of essential relationships and behaviour patterns related to an initiative or campaign. A Power Map is a crucial tool used to arm yourself with vital information about a prospect’s business.

Additionally, a Power Map is key in building your professional relationship network.

Core Power Mapping Questions

  • Who do you want to meet with?
  • What do you want to know about them?
  • To what extent can their behaviour influence the buying decision?
  • Does your team know how to draw up their own bespoke Power Map?
  • Do you have the right Power Mapping Coach guiding your team?
  • Does your team know how to use their pipeline contacts to improve relationships?
  • Where are your referrals coming from?
  • And crucially: does your team know how to effectively build long-term customer relationships?
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Power Mapping basics:

6 Points of Power Mapping your Team Needs to Know

  1. Identify who you need to influence. Who is the key decision-maker?
  2. Next, figure out who has influence over them (senior leaders, colleagues, family, former co-workers). Now, create a map showing the connections. (Figure 1)
  3. Colour code all individuals based on their relationship with you. That is yellow for a close connection, blue for a loose connection, and red for none.
  4. Highlight any Power Points. Anyone who connects to many other influencers or has significant influence over the decision-maker.
  5. Chart out the Power Pegs on a grid, based on high-low levels of helpfulness and influence. (Figure 2)
  6. Target those who are most influential and likely to support you. Create action steps to engage with them and leverage their relationships to gain access and influence.
 Power Mapping Grid with Power Pins

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