10 Tips to Make Your Trade Events a Success Part 1

10 Tips to Make Your Trade Events a Success Part 1, by Robert Savellis of the KONA Group Successful trade events need focus and expertise Very often clients are reluctant to invest in trade events as they have “been there, done that and the return on investment was not worth it.” In all cases the post-mortem revealed that lack of proper planning was at the top of the list as to reasons why the event was not a success. Follow the below list and the results will follow.
  1. Event organiser – have a discussion with the event organiser and identify if this is the event for you, do not rely on a glossy brochure.
  2. Booth positioning – Just like a retail store the key principle at an event is position, position and position
The position and size of your stand plays an important role in the success of the event so always consider the impact on ROI between the positions of a slightly more expensive stand, compared to a cheaper but out of the way stand.
  1. Stand design – your stand needs to reflect your brand identity. Your design should be completed early to ensure all goes well and be sure to understand the limitations
Many events have restrictions in regards to height of banners and rigging, serving customers beverages etc. All venues have different restrictions so make sure you review the terms and conditions.
  1. Feature Products – decide what products you will be showing, a good start will be with your product roadmap.
Always have a plan ‘B’ as delays may occur if your product is being shipped from overseas or is still undergoing testing production phase.
  1. Demonstrations – when running demonstrations on products note what utilities and restrictions are in place that may affect or close down your demonstration.
  • Sound restrictions,
  • Electricity (what phase is required),
  • Water, drainage availability
  • WIFI (most shows are saturated with WIFI signals which may affect your demonstrations).
For Tips 6 – 10 please check out next week’s blog Robert Savellis as a Sales and Marketing Performance Specialist as the KONA Group If Robert can help you and your organisation to develop more opportunities and increase your ROI and sales from your upcoming events please telephone him on 1300 611 288, or email info@KONA.com.au