10 Reasons Why Training & Development is Critical for Your Success

By Mark Hamon, Risk Management Training and Safety Consultant Sydney.

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” – Sir Richard Branson

Let’s talk about a training and development for your business.

Training & Development

Training is about investing in your business and giving back to your employees. As Richard Branson put it, when you invest in your employees they will give back, and that kind of intangible quality is priceless for any business.  Have you really consider the risk and exposure your carrying if your training system isn’t up to date or poor quality?

Why should I consider a training and development program for my business?

  1. Training systems can help promote employee health and safety standards in the workplace.
  2. Shows a commitment of proof your work force is competent, trained and authorise.
  3. Gives a business owner evidence for “Duty of Care” where litigation risk can lead to prosecution.
  4. You’re operating a business in a constantly changing economic market with complex risk.
  5. Established evidence trail of workforce capabilities for legal requirements, contract tenders and proposals.
  6. Gives your external key stakeholders confidence in your company’s professional skill base
  7. Promotes morale, productivity and innovation in the workforce.
  8. Can help reduce staff turnover costs, and employee skills shortages.
  9. Could help win government based trainings funds for your business e.g. Australia.
  10. Will support and align to a company management system, including policies, procedures and business planning.

What can a KONA Risk Management Training Consultant do for your business?

  • Employee Induction Program –  develop a customised induction program for your business
  • Company Training Management System – including policies, procedures and tools/forms
  • Training Needs Analysis – organisation analysis, job analysis profiling, employee analysis, bottom up profiling, future skills profiling, SWOT analysis, balance scorecard, surveying.
  • Training Systems Audit – carry out training audits of employees or subcontractors.
  • Develop Training Packages – develop training packages for any topic related to safety, quality, environment, health, training, risk management or other business requirements.
  • Contractor Trainer – provide face to face classroom training services for your employees or contractors
  • Emergency Training Drills –workplace emergency and disaster drills, evaluation and feedback.

If you have any questions then get on the phone (obligation free) and contact KONA Group’s Risk Management Training Specialist Mark Hamon at [email protected] or call 1300 611 288 and you can discuss your business training and development needs.