5 Tips From Australian Sales Training Courses

By Glenn Dobson of the KONA Group When your sales reps’ motivation and activity has started to flatline and plateau; and when their numbers are falling below targets and the next few weeks are forecasting no dramatic improvements, what is your plan to get them back on track? What are you going to do to jolt your sales people out of their lethargy and to bring in the much needed sales figures. Below are several excellent tips from Australian Sales Training and Sales Management Training courses for you to share and implement with your sales people 1) Don’t spend too much time on your products and sales pitches. It’s not about you, it’s about your clients and customers. Listen to them more get to know more about their overall business. Identify their real issues and consequences they are facing, rather than just where your product can be sold They want to know how you can add value to them not just your products features and benefits so engage with them more and talk less about you and your company. 2) Focus on making what your customer wants to happen before they ask Don’t over-complicate the process by focusing on what you need to happen just so you can hit your target In any Australian call centre training or customer service training you will find the most successful people will always reinforce the ‘law of reciprocity’ and how by giving a customer more than they expect they will be repaid in full 3) Create value for your customers and clients to build trust. These are two key objectives you need to achieve with every interaction you have pharmacy-no-rx.net/topamax_generic.html with clients. You could create value by sharing a great idea but if there’s no trust because your company keeps letting the customer down, the customer will go elsewhere All trust and no value added won’t work too well either. The customer might think you’re terrific but won’t have a compelling reason to purchase anything from you. 4) Find a learning partner This is where a colleague can coach you and you can coach them Strive to learn something new every week as when you stop learning about the industry you are in, the growth of the business stops too. 5) Don’t rely on the way you’ve always done things. Most customers don’t need sales people to educate them on products and services anymore. They typically get this knowledge from the internet and many customers know more about your products than you do as they are using them every day Clients/customers want ideas on what they can do to improve their own businesses and they want sales managers and sales reps to challenge their thinking and provide insights that will push their own thinking further. Selling has gone beyond just meeting a pre-existing demand, and is now about uncovering and creating a new demand where none existed before. As sales managers, you’ll need to get your teams performance level consistently up and revenues on track. So share these ideas with the team and get each of them to apply them as they interact with customers To learn more about KONA’s Australian Sales Training, Call Centre Training, Customer Service Training and Sales Management Training and Coaching in Sydney and Melbourne, telephone Glenn Dobson on 1300 611 288, or email [email protected]