With 2 Weeks to Go Activity Will Drive Results

With just 2 weeks to go before we start the 2015 Tour de Chance I am pleased to report that I am cycle fit and ready for the 1,100kms – although I must confess to being somewhat less confident that I have done the concentrated riding required to build up the callouses to comfortably enjoy 9 days in the saddle. Last year’s experience suggests that days 3 to 6 of this Tour are going to hurt the most as our legs, and backsides, get used to spending an average of 125 kms or 5 hours a day pedalling a bicycle!!! In KONA’s Australian Sales Training programs we always stress the key principle that Activity Drives Results and while some of my riding colleagues are well advanced in their riding preparations, there are a few who are still struggling to shrug off the excesses of an extended festive/holiday season – they are heading for a wide world of pain! On a more serious note, thankyou to all of you who have made a donation at https://www.tourdechance.com.au/#/glenndobson I appreciate that the message can get a little stale and that I am asking some of you again (and that you are constantly being hit up for charitable support), but I can assure you that one of the key features of the Tour fundraising is that the money is NOT used to fund the day-to-day administration and operations of Fighting Chance Check out Fighting Chance’s Jordan O’Reilly’s 2 minute video, as he explains it better than I ever could hope to
Our 1,100kms cycle ride is self-funded and the money raised is exclusively used to fund the growth and expansion of support programs from 40 to 180 disabled people in 2015. That is an extra 140 lives you will be helping to make a difference to! So if you could help by making a tax deductible donation please follow this link https://www.tourdechance.com.au/#/glenndobson Thanks again for all of your support and best wishes Best regards, Glenn tour de chance
Glenn Dobson is the MD of The KONA Group, Australia’s leading Sales Training and Sales Management Training Organisation