Meet Rob Mockler – as you are making a difference to his life

Rob’s Challenge

Rob Mockler was born three months premature and experienced a lack of oxygen for a prolonged period of time. This resulted in him having Severe Cerebral Palsy and he is in a wheelchair as he can’t walk, talk and has lost total hand function.

What He Does at Fighting Chance

Rob helps make and sell products at Market Days and enjoys the daily routine of being in the Fighting Chance office amongst other people in the same situation, rather than being stuck at home. Every dollar raised by the KONA Group and the other cyclists at will make a huge difference to Rob as we are looking to purchase equipment and much needed resources to help improve the day to day living of Rob and other young Australians at Fighting Chance Impact on His Family, by his mum Mary “At the time of his birth this was devastating news for us as we weren’t even sure if he would survive. However, his spirit was strong and in spite of many problems that appeared as time went on Robert thrived. For a number of years, along with his sister Luisa, who is 20 months older and John Paul who is 4 years younger, we worked with Robert at home and did a strenuous exercise program which I feel helped him become the person he is today. With the help of people from our local church and school, family and friends, we exercised Robert, taught him words and generally tried to stimulate him as much as possible. I think this was important for the whole family as we all worked very hard to give Robert the best chance possible. It gave us all a sense that we were doing something for Robert and the family. However, eventually we had to abandon the program as it was getting difficult for me to keep it up and Robert seemed to plateau physically, and that is where Fighting Chance has really helped him Rob loves going to Fighting Chance as apart from the socialising he is learning new skills and it has given him a purpose in life!” Rob Mockler

Can you help KONA to make a difference please?

Our 1,100 kms cycle ride from Brisbane to Sydney starts in early March and so a HUGE thankyou to all of you who have made a donation to-date If you haven’t had chance yet can you please help Rob by going to Every dollar raised at will make a huge difference to Rob, his family and other young Australians with severe disabilities Glenn Dobson is the Managing Director of The KONA Group, Australia’s leading Sales Training and Call Centre Training Organisation