Trends to leave behind in 2024 based on your DISC Personality type

DISC Personality Profiling.

DISC is the number 1 personality test used globally. Over 75% of the largest companies in the world use the DISC framework to understand why their teams behave the way they do, based on 4 behavioural pillars:

Dominance – How we respond to problems & challenges
Influence – How we respond to people & contact
Steadiness – How we respond to pace & consistency
Compliance – How we respond to procedures & constraints

Our New Year’s Resolutions are usually based on behaviours or aspects of ourselves that we want to change. Each of the four DISC personality types have a behaviour or trend they are generally known for. Sometimes, these behaviours work to our advantage, but sometimes, they can get in our way or hold us back.

New year's resolutions.

Here are four habits that are typical of each DISC personality type that should be left behind in 2024:

1. Over promising (I)

The “I” personality type (Influence) is known for saying “yes” to almost everything.
But while it’s great to make people happy when they get that answer, it can have the opposite effect if you are unable to deliver on those promises.
There are ways to say “No” without actually saying “No.”
Here are some other phrases you can try:

  • “That would be great, but it may not be possible right now. How about we try this ….?”
  • “Due to some prior engagements, I won’t be able to take on any additional tasks right now. But I would be able to do …….”
    Although it comes from a place of good intent, when you over promise and under deliver, you are setting yourself and your customer up for disappointment. Try to leave overpromising in 2023 and work on holding yourself to realistic standards.
Influence DISC Personality Type

2. Being too analytical and overthinking (C)

If you know someone who is extremely analytical and seems to overthink just about everything, chances are they are a high ‘C’ DISC personality.
This behaviour can be great in some aspects, but can also leave you feeling burnt-out or frustrated.
A good way to say goodbye to this behaviour in 2024 is to put a time limit on how long you can spend analysing before you make a decision.
Believe it or not, the outcome will still be as valuable as if you spent hours on it. Speed is important in most aspects of business in this day and age. So give it a try and see how you go! You may just be able to break the habit.

Compliance DISC Personality Type

3. Not being open to change (S)

Routines and structure are a big part of the ‘S’ style’s personality and way of working. They tend to embrace stability, predictability, and a slower pace. But, not being open to change or struggling to adapt to change can hinder the progress of your team.
Here are some strategies for individuals with an ‘S’ DISC personality type to become more open to change in the new year:

  • Consider the benefits of the change
  • Start small
  • Focus on the positives
  • Seek information
  • Reflect on past positive experiences with change
Steadiness DISC Personality Type

4. Trying too hard to be in control (D)

The ‘D’ (Dominance) personality style typically likes to be in control. It may be hard to read this if you are a ‘D’ personality style yourself, but the first step for letting go of control is to find ways to delegate some of that control to others.
The second step is to then accept it if someone does something differently to how you would do it.
Having too much control can limit your effectiveness. It will be difficult at the start, but once you adjust yourself, you will see the benefits that come with letting go of some of your control.

Dominance DISC Personality Type

Remember, these trends are generalised and don’t necessarily apply to everyone. It’s important to understand individual preferences and adapt strategies accordingly.

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