The Rob Mockler Story

KONA often gets asked why is our MD Glenn Dobson cycling 1,300 kms from Melbourne to Sydney to raise funds for a severely disabled young Australian that he has only met a handful of times? The answer is that the challenge is absolutely nothing compared to what Rob Mockler and his family face every day Rob’s story started 33 years ago when he was born 10 weeks premature! rob-mockler His problems began immediately after his birth as his lungs actually burst 3 times… The doctors wondered how and why Robert could survive but were soon to realise that his spirit for life had more strength than his body would ever have He clung to life with a passion and survived, even though it would give him a number of major problems long into the future. At 33 he can’t talk, walk, feed or change himself but his Mum Mary and Dad Warren, sister Luisa and brother John-Paul chose to do whatever they could to help Robert along his difficult road. They looked into a range of different programs and over the next few years regularly traveled down and back to Melbourne to have him assessed and introduced to a new program every visit to help his raise his quality of life These stimulation programs started when Robert was less than 12 months old and went on until he started pre and then primary school part-time, his family always managing to balance his schooling, coupled with ongoing treatment including acupuncture, massage and point percussion. Eventually Robert started at a special school at Allambie and completed his schooling there. Unfortunately when puberty started so did his contracture* and serious physical problems which have resulted in him needing around the clock care (* a condition which shortens and hardens the muscles, tendons, or other tissues, which often lead to deformity and rigidity of joints) Later Rob started going to an amazing charity called Fighting Chance who create supported work opportunities for severely disabled young Australians and about four years ago he even started Drama classes and has performed at the Opera House with his theatre company! Robert loves his day work as well as his social activities. He goes out to the football, cricket or to concerts or out for dinner mainly with his friends. Rob is also a Manly supporter, although I think his carers Katrina Rotondo and her brother Andrew at Fighting Chance are slowly converting him to the Dragons… Over the years Robert has developed a happy, social disposition and is keenly interested in everything he gets involved with. He eagerly looks forward to all social activities!!! However just like you and I, he will never lead a life that we take for granted So if you or your company can help us to make a difference to Rob by donating at he will be eternally grateful Alternatively please join us on our 1,300 kms cycle ride in November! Best regards Glenn The KONA Group Because Hope Is Not A Strategy M 0425 200 883 T 1300 611 288