Sales people or oxygen thieves?

Over the last 10 years KONA has been helping companies increase their sales and we are constantly amazed with how many Managers don’t recognise the difference between a Sales Professional who will help them grow their business, and an “Oxygen thief” who will cost them money, time and sleep.

Worse still, how long the Oxygen Thieves are kept on before someone makes a decision to replace them.

So here are a few quick tips to identify the difference;

1. Misses most targets yet revels in large orders that come in. 1. Consistently hits their targets.

2. Spends most of their time in the office or visiting existing customers to “sort out problems”

2. Is consistently in front of customers, existing and new; Always has future appointments booked.
3. Will not, or can not make appointments with NEW contacts/companies. 3. Has a Pipeline full of Quality Opportunities with A & B Customers and New Prospects.

4. Customer contacts are typically at Low, Middle or Operational levels.

4. Easily communicates with and influences Senior Management, as well as Mid/Lower levels.
5. Prefers to talk about Price and Product Specs with customers. Loses orders because the competition always “gave a lower price” 5. Wins orders & clients/customers on Value by addressing the customers broader issues.

6. Often complains that they aren’t paid enough even though they are behind budget.

6. Is goal oriented and expects to be rewarded for achieving results, not for just turning up at work.

7. Readily blames other departments/people for their failure & negative reasons why something won’t work.

7. Takes responsibility and proactively looks for new ways to achieve their targets.

8. Baulks at filling in reports or CRM and is often unobtainable (especially after 4 or on a Friday!!).

8. Is open and accountable in everything they do