Quality Management – 4 ways it can improve business performance, boost sales and save you thousands

By Mark Hamon, Risk Management Training and Safety Consultant Sydney. Quality Management, we have all heard about it, but what are the real tangible benefits for your business? A quality management system bench marked to ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) can:  
  • Improve business sales performance
  • Help with branding and reputation
  • Reduce costly errors in time and money
  • Reduce waste in materials and rework
  • Open up new doors for customers and contracts
  • Enhance your competitive edge
  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your business operations.
  1. Improve market reputation & competitive edge
Having a quality management system shows reliability and gives your customers peace of mind. The concept allows your company to be measured against a global standard of quality excellence recognised throughout the world. A quality management system can be beneficial to your business regardless if you want the external 9001 QMS accreditation or not. Many customers still like to know their suppliers for goods and services have some kind of quality system in place and ISO 9001 QMS is the global standard. Customers may also see this as a deciding risk factor to choose your business over a competitor (peace of mind), especially if you have a quality standard of excellence and they don’t.
  1. Reduce wastage, errors and excessive costs
Having a quality system can help you reduce errors (e.g. time, money and resources) and identify areas for improvement. Bench marking against ISO 9001 QMS allows you to monitor and measure business outputs in either goods or services. In a challenging or softer market, it’s vital for a business to reduce its operating costs from wastage, rework errors, production delays or inefficient practices. Errors or poor quality re-work can also impact on a customer’s perception of your reputation and reliability. Improved or better managed business processes can also increase your profitability and send a powerful marketing message you’re dedicated to reliability and consistency.
  1. Contracts and tenders in a global market
Many companies or government contracts will request some kind of quality  bench mark or accreditation (e.g. ISO 9001 QMS) in their tender process. In the tendering phase you could be graded according to scale on your company’s  quality and reliability. For the company who has successfully won a customer’s contract, the commitment to quality isn’t over as you can be subjected to ongoing quality audits or evaluation as a condition of that contract. Having a quality management system agives your company and risk management strategy competitive edge in a challenging global market by ticking all the quality boxes your customers need. Quality is a commitment that gives your customers reassurance, trust and reliability in your brand.
  1. Improve company culture, systems and practices
A quality system with training will  give your employees the support and resources they need to better understand the benefits of quality excellence (improve quality workplace culture). Other benefits include a work environment which promotes; management efficiency and planning, enhanced supply chain management, support with change management, employee training, workplace morale and behaviour and communication. Quality management will also allow for employee key stakeholder engagement on  issues such as improving production, reducing wastage  (e.g. time, money or resources), exploring ideas to improve efficiency, driving best practice standards and brainstorm non-conformance issues/errors for improvement/ reviews.   So where to from here? By consulting Mark Hamon, the Safety Consultant and Risk Management Training Specialist from KONA Group in Sydney, a simple discussion of your needs can best determine a plan of action to help you:  
  • reduce operating costs,
  • reduce non-conformance’s and errors,
  • increase profitability and give your company a competitive edge
  If you want to know more then please the contact KONA Groups Risk Management Training Specialist and Safety Consultant in Sydney Mark Hamon at [email protected] or call 1300 611 288