National Retail Chain Consistently Underperforming

Initial situation

  • Successful historically, yet mainly being driven through marketing and advertising dollars.
  • Sales people not converting leads and ‘walk-ins’ into sales.
  • Sales people focused totally on the latest greatest product innovation.
  • Consistently overwhelmed customers with technical specifications, without taking the time to understand the customers reasons to buy.
  • Managers not measuring or managing the performance of their people.

What we did …

  • Worked with selected stores to drive sales performance.
  • Taught the sales people to demonstrate to customers the value that their company brought other than just the lowest price, product and features.
  • Coached Managers in how to introduce Performance Measures to direct, acknowledge and reward achievement.


“We used to have only 2 people out of 10 on target. Now, with their training we had 8 out of 10 on target last month.” “I am getting more customers coming back to me” “I am selling more add- ons” “My time with the customer is being better spent as I am building better relationships with them quicker” “I am now able to up-sell to more expensive products and am selling more accessories” “I am able to match products to the customer more effectively and the customers have been happier with their choice” “I am closing more sales” “The sales process is now a lot less intimidating” “The customers are more relaxed as my approach is more personal and in depth” “The customer came back & asked for me” because “You are the first store that has known what I want” “I was able to break down barriers quicker and we got down to business quicker” “We built rapport quicker as we were more conversational and both of us were more relaxed and less pressured” “They stay longer in store” “I am able to give better service to the customer as they trust you more”