KONA Brisbane to Sydney charity cycle ride starts tomorrow

The start of our 2015 Brisbane to Sydney cycle ride is less than 24 hours away.  Even though the 1,100 km ride is ‘down hill’, the anticipation is very familiar but still just as discomforting as it was in the very first year (maybe from knowing exactly what it is that awaits us – see the table below). But there is also a sense of excitement at what we are about to do and achieve, the good that is going to be done for the 40+ young disabled Australians we are raising funds for Tour preparations have progressed relatively smoothly – a few late distractions with bikes not being ready on time and our Tour Director (Simon) get a badly infected leg after a crash, but nothing that we can’t overcome As I write, the support teams are driving 3 support vehicles (loaded with bikes and provisions) up the coast and we collect the 4th support vehicle in Brisbane. Aside from lugging the gear that we need each day, the support team will provide traffic warning and safety support to the riders. They are as much a part of the Tour Team as any of us cyclists and we are all so grateful for their time and efforts. I did a local radio interview this week plus Fighting Chance Managing Director Jordan O’Reilly and ride leader Tim Powell are doing a series of radio interviews with Jordan being interviewed by Triple J and Alan Jones! Two completely different audiences for sure, but it is great to see that the message resonates equally well across the spectrum. It is really noticeable that the public recognition of Fighting Chance has increased markedly since last years ride, where we raised over $345,000 and there is no doubt that significantly more people are now aware of the organisation and its cause – fantastic! We just crossed over the half way mark with our fund raising with over $200,000 already in the hands of Fighting Chance. This will be used to fund the growth of their programs, with our target of $400,000 being used to triple the number of program participants from the current 40 people to 120. Still $200k to go but with your help we are determined to get there. For those keen to help the cause, please donate by  just following this link https://www.tourdechance.com.au/#/glenndobson I will post regular updates during the ride and you can also keep up to date with progress via the Tour de Chance website which will have daily blog updates. Thank you again for all of your support. Regards Glenn Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 5.31.04 AM https://www.tourdechance.com.au/#/glenndobson