Mastering Business Presentations

By KONA Group’s Public Speaking Training expert Timothy Kitching 4 Tips to make your message and presentations more Meaningful, Clear & Concise On a small scale business presentations are a sharing of information to a variety of audiences – on a large scale they inform people of internal and industry happenings or motivate people to increased performance, therefore your message needs to be sharp,  accurate and relevant to your audience. Whether your next presentation is a report, proposal, sales and training or to the board, answering these questions will increase your success rate… 1. What do you want to achieve from your presentation? Do you want people to make changes, start a process, make a sale, communicate a vision, win the job, increase team spirit, accept your recommendations etc? The more you clarify your goal/objective the more accurately you can tailor your presentation. 2. Who are you talking to? What level of knowledge or experience do they have of your topic? Are they the board, managers, staff, the public? It’s crucial to know your audience and develop a message they will relate to and understand especially new concepts. 3. How long will you be speaking? You will always have more information than presentation time so only deliver information that supports your message and fits into the allocated time. Build your talk around key points and support your assertions with statistic & facts, anecdotes and personal experience etc. 4. Respect your audience and take time to develop a presentation that’s relevant, easy to follow and understand. They are investing time, effort and often dollars and deserve your best. Delivering a quality talk combines many skills and elements and it’s your reputation at stake – everyone will benefit when you apply the 4 steps with attention to detail. Remember it needs to be Meaningful, Clear & Concise. For more information on how you can make a real impact with your presentations please contact KONA’s Public Speaking Training expert Timothy Kitching on 1300 611 288 or