Get into the Mind of a Business Athlete

business athleteGet into the mind of an athlete and increase the performance of your team, by Timothy Kitching, Health and Fitness Specialist at the KONA Group. An athlete has a long-term plan for success that combines many elements and ensures they stay strong and flexible to cope with the demanding workload. Their success is forged on passion, self care, a positive focus and commitment. The result is exceptional performance. Contrast this with the business world that are overloaded with information, deadlines, minimal activity, boredom and for many ‘it’s a job mentality’. The result is stress and decreased performance and profit. Join us at this unique session and take away performance techniques from the sporting world…
  1. Learn the steps to exceptional performance.
  2. Put the HEALTH into Health & Safety with a healthy workforce implementation plan.
  3. Incorporate the Brain Learning Styles into your organisation to open creativity and strengthen morale.
  4. Learn three powerful questions to improve any situation.
In April 2013 Timothy combined his lifetime of sport & fitness to complete an extreme event; he went up forward and down backwards 2400 steps tossing a 6kg dumbbell overhead. He holds a Certificate IV in Fitness, has competed in many sports and created Dynamic Dumbbells – a unique strength & conditioning program. His clients range from 12 – 77 and include a 2 time World and Australian Surf Boat Rowing Champion. Training is his forte and he says ‘he can train a klutz to cartwheel’. Tighten the control of your results and perform like a business athlete with a workshop or presentation tailored to your organisation or business group. For more information please contact Timothy Kitching at the KONA Group on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected]