KONA Says Thanks | Celebrating 20 Years of Success!




This month KONA is celebrating 20 years of gratitude.

During our company’s time of growth and success, many events have unfolded.

Here is a snippet of the last 20 years in the workforce:

2000 1 July Howard Government introduces a Goods and Services Tax
15 September – 1 October 27th Summer Olympic Games held in Sydney.

Year Date Event
2001 Australia celebrates centenary of federation.
25 February Death of Donald Bradman aged 92 in Kensington Park, Adelaide, South Australia.
Western Australia adopts a uniform Age of consent of 16.
Boat load of asylum seekers is rescued by Norwegian ship, leading to the Tampa affair.
Australian forces deployed to War to topple Taliban for supporting Al-Qaeda
10 November 2001 Australian federal election: John Howard is reelected as Prime Minister.
2002 12 October 2002 Bali bombings, the deadliest act of terrorism in the history of Indonesia, killing 202 people (including 88 Australians).
2003 Australian military deployed to Iraq War to oust the Saddam Hussein regime for serial non-compliance with the 1991 Gulf War Peace Treaty.
Northern Territory introduces uniform Age of consent set at 16 for everyone.
New South Wales becomes the last State to have a Uniform Age of Consent at 16 for everyone.
Australia hosts the Rugby World Cup, with the home side losing the final to England.
19 September Slim Dusty, Country Music Singer and Musician Dies aged 76.
2004 9 September bomb explodes outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia.
9 October 2004 Australian federal electionHoward Government (LiberalNational Coalition) wins fourth term and defeats Mark Latham led Australian Labor Party.
2005 December Sydney beachside suburb of Cronulla sees a protest against the alleged bashing of a beach lifeguard, developing into an alcohol-fuelled, racially charged riot.
2006 15–26 March The Commonwealth Games are held in Melbourne.
8 September Death of Peter Brock, aged 61
Australian Forces are again deployed to East Timor to help stabilize the country.
2007 Australia avoids recession amidst Global Financial Crisis (to 2010)
24 November 2007 Australian federal electionKevin Rudd (Australian Labor Party) defeats John Howard (LiberalNational Coalition) to become the 26th Prime Minister of Australia.
2008 22 January Heath Ledger Dies from an accidental prescription drug intoxication.
2008 13 February Kevin Rudd leads bi-partisan Parliamentary to formally apologise for the Stolen Generations.
Longest heatwave for an Australian capital city recorded in Adelaide.
15–20 July Sydney hosts Catholic World Youth Day
5 September Quentin Bryce assumed office as Governor-General of Australia, becoming the first female to do so.
2009 7 February – 14 March Black Saturday bushfires: Massive bushfires swept across Victoria, resulting in 173 fatalities.
2010 23–24 June Julia Gillard challenged and replaced Kevin Rudd as leader of the Labor Party to become the 27th and first female Prime Minister of Australia.
17 October Mary MacKillop canonised as Australia’s first Saint of the Roman Catholic Church.
21 August 2010 Australian federal election: Election results in hung Parliament and narrow victory by Julia Gillard (ALP) over Tony Abbott (Lib-Nat Coalition); Liberal Ken Wyatt becomes the first Aboriginal elected to the Australian House of Representatives
2011 Queensland is affected by major flooding followed by Cyclone Yasi.
2012 1 July Carbon price introduced by the Gillard Government.
2013 21 March Julia Gillard apologises to victims of forced adoption practices for removal of babies from predominantly young single mothers
26 June Kevin Rudd defeats Julia Gillard in a leadership spill, 57 votes to 45. Gillard resigns from parliament, Rudd is sworn in as prime minister.
7 September 2013 Australian federal election: Tony Abbott defeats Kevin Rudd to become the 28th Prime Minister of Australia.
2014 14 July Carbon price is dropped by the Abbott Government.
21 October Death of Gough Whitlam, 21st Prime Minister of Australia.
15–16 December 2014 Sydney hostage crisis
2015 20 March Death of Malcolm Fraser, 22nd Prime Minister of Australia.
15 September Malcolm Turnbull defeats Tony Abbott to become the 29th Prime Minister of Australia.
The Matagurup Refugee Camp is founded in Perth to defend Aboriginal Rights
2016 2 July 2016 Australian federal election: Malcolm Turnbull remains as Prime Minister of Australia.
2017 Late July John Cameron sets off the chain of events that became the 2017 Australian parliamentary eligibility crisis.
9 December Same-sex marriage is legalised by the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017.
2018 24th August Scott Morrison succeeds Malcom Turnbull as Australian prime minister.
2019 16th May Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke dies aged 89.
(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Australian_history) On the verge of all the changes, along the way Kona Group has always maintained its goal for its clients:
  • Doubled sales of a B2B sales force in 6 months
  • Increased revenue of Finance organisation by 20%
  • Increased sales of a Pharmaceutical client by 19% to achieve 140% of annual target
  • Increased revenue for a Distribution client by 17%
  • Increased customer retention of a Major Credit Card by over 12%
  • Trained a sales team to make 439 appointments in ONE POWER HOUR Sales Training workshop and another team to sell over $1,200,000 of excess stock in another HOUR
  • Helped raise over $1,300,000 for Charity
  • Grown KONA from a one-man band to a team that is now part of the HBB Group with a team in excess of 18 Consultants Worldwide
With Training and Coaching Specialists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore and Auckland, the KONA Group provides Customised Training programs that include:  Sales Training & Coaching, Sales Pipeline Training, Key Account Management Training, Call Centre Training & Coaching, Negotiation Skills Training & Coaching, Motivational Speakers, Storytelling For Sales, HR Consulting; DISC and MBTI, and more.

So, from our first client Fairfax back in 2000, to all of our past, present and future clients we THANK YOU all for your ongoing support and trust, as we really do appreciate it.

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