How Do You Know if Your Product/Service is What Your Customers Will Want Next Year?

How Do You Know if Your Product/Service is What Your Customers Will Want Next Year?I read recently about an organisation that is struggling because the CEO keeps introducing new products as he thought it would add value to his organisation’s customers. The main problem was that when the Sales Team presented the new products into the market their customers said that their demand was for something quite different, and/or, the new range didn’t have any benefits compared to the products they were currently purchasing. Worse still, the teams were given limited Sales Training on how to present the value of the new range and expected to “just go out and sell it” If you only use History Based Measurements, like last month or last quarter’s sales, then how do you know if your product/service is really adding value to your customers before it is too late? Or are you just the cheapest on the day? Do you know EXACTLY WHY a particular line isn’t being bought by customers, or is it based on anecdotal feedback or excuses from the field? Many customers, especially in Australia, “talk with their feet” so giving your customers an opportunity to provide you with feedback – or better still, actively pursuing it before they decide to buy off one of your competitors, not after they have made the decision – is crucial. As mentioned in a previous post, “5 Reasons Why a Customer Feedback Program is Key for Growth”, we expand on point one: “It Will Help You Make Much Needed Improvements”. Working in an organisation can often consume our lives with our own products or services and can lead to a narrow line of vision, where opportunities to improve are missed, or ignored. As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one, and this rings true with Customer Insights. Customers have the ability to look at your products/services with a more practical pair of eyes, or hands, and can add improvements or adjustments to your range that you may not have even thought about, if you ask them. When you ask a customer to provide feedback that they believe are needed, you are going straight to the horse’s mouth. Customers know exactly what they want and need from a product and often know more about them than people in your organisation do, as they use your products daily on the job. They will tell you exactly what is needed to retain them as a customer, as well as encouraging new customers to purchase from you. The information that they provide you with can be used to develop your offer into something that not only meets their needs, but keeps you in front of your competition! Imagine becoming a market leader because you listened to your customer’s needs and developed your products and services accordingly. Unfortunately, too many organisations are still saying “we have always sold a lot of these or “this new range will be outstanding addition” Don’t believe it? Then pass me your typewriter or Blackberry from Dick Smiths. Or the video and book you bought last week from Blockbuster and Borders No one likes to feel ignored, and by actively listening to your customers when they are providing feedback wins their Hearts and Minds and they feel engaged and valued. It is not hard to see that a valued customer will help you to create better and stronger relationships that increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase sales and profits So if you would like to discuss how Customer Insights can improve your organisation’s results, contact the KONA Group today on 1300 611 288 or or text 0425200883 The KONA Group is Australia’s Leading provider of Customised Sales Training and Sales Management Training and Coaching  and provide customised training programs that include: Sales Training & CoachingKey Account Management TrainingCall Centre Training & CoachingNegotiation Skills Training & CoachingConference & Motivational Speakers, and more.