Don’t be a Business Ostrich

Hiding in the corner of your business is a costly and growing problem and it’s time it was addressed. With 60-65% of the population affected you could call it an epidemic and it’s causing decreased productivity, and increasing sick leave and insurance costs. Combining obesity with increased depression, work stress, inactivity, 80% of the population will or have suffered neck or back pain and we have a cocktail of failure. For millions of years people were upright and mobile and now continual sitting and inactivity is accepted as normal and we are asking workers to do something the body was never designed for. In a sporting environment under performing members are relegated or released, yet with the above statistics it appears the business world is accepting poor performance. Business has embraced sedentary producing technology and therefore shoulders much of the responsibility; technology is here to stay and the innovative companies are planning for the future with health programs. Here are a few suggestions to start a health program and increase productivity…
  1. Add a health and fitness aspect to the widely accepted pre screening psychological testing.
  2. Take steps to creating a healthy culture with healthy eating days and encouraging alcohol in moderation.
  3. Ask your OH&S committee to address health in the workplace.
Sporting teams and athletes are able to perform at incredible levels by concentrating on health and fitness and your team will improve their performance with a similar focus. A healthy and productive business begins with healthy people. For more information please contact Timothy Kitching at the KONA Group on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected]