8 Days to KONA

The Hawaii Ironman in Kona is now only 8 days away and while trying to keep the excitement at bay, it is now starting to encroach into my day. Last weekend was my last big weekend of training so I have just started my taper which will hopefully give tired muscles a chance to recover and rebuild in time for October 13th. This is a good time as all of the hard work has been done. My weeks training in preparation for the 3.8km swim, 180kms bike and 42kms marathon run varies week on week depending where I am working, however it is typically: Saturday ride 4 -5 hours then run for an hour Sunday run up to 3 hours Monday an hour of swim or strength training Tuesday 2 hours cycling Wednesday swim 3-4 kms then run 90 minutes Thursday 2 hours cycling Friday run an hour and strength training A mate of mine who I sometimes train with rang me last week and said he had fallen asleep at a set of traffic lights on his way to work. Fortunately I haven’t had that happen (yet!) Recently I have been working with some wonderful clients and facilitating sales training, call centre and management training programs so have been balancing all of my Ironman training with international/interstate travel. To mix up my training and much to the neighbours amusement, I will often run pulling a car tyre and even wearing a wet suit top and woollen beanie to assimilate the heat of Kona. Maybe the heat is finally starting to get to me! Check out this amazing short video: