7 Reasons Why Australian Organisations Are Using Interim Managers

Interim Managers, Interim Manager, Interim Management AustraliaMany organisations around Australia contract an Interim Manager if they are undergoing, or need to undergo, change This can include:
  1. You can’t recruit the right person you need quickly enough to prevent a drop off in results
  2. Incumbent Sales Manager/Sales Director, COO, CEO, CIO, HR Manager, is overloaded (or hasn’t been recruited yet)
  3. Important projects are beyond current resources or deadlines
  4. Current managers lack the specific skills or capability to drive the business
  5. You have a restricted head count/budget but have a short term need
  6. You need to Create and Implement immediate change
  7. Fair Work Australia legislation has made you fearful of employing someone full time
Interim Managers are typically professionals who have years of experience and proven track records, so hiring them instead of training someone from inside your organisation is a feasible idea, especially if you are looking for an immediate impact, or if the current team are political in nature and the internal politics will delay the necessary changes Most Interim Managers are hired to:
  • To plan and manage the required changes
  • To create and EXECUTE a Turnaround Strategy
  • To fill in short term business gaps quickly during a recruitment process or to maintain and drive the momentum of a team following the sudden departure of a Manager or Leader
They are hired as drivers of change and here are 4 things to consider when hiring an Interim Manager: 1. Skills Shortage – Research shows that when a Manager or Leader leaves there is a negative impact on results and employees. So if you do not have anyone to fill the gap departing Managers leave, or there is a short term skills shortage, then hiring an Interim Manager is an immediate solution. This is where their niche expertise comes into play and which can make them valuable assets to your business. The Interim Manager you hire for your organisation will have the skills and expertise you need whether it is in General Management, Sales Management, Marketing, HR, e-commerce, Change Management or Operations or Accounting, and they will hit the ground running 2. Non Political – Many businesses are stifling their results because Employees and Managers are paying lip service to the Leadership Team By hiring an Interim Manager, you will get someone who can come in and create the necessary changes with speed and scale, and always focused on the actions and outcomes required, rather than being swayed by the naysayers and negative employees who are holding back your organisations change 3. Acquisition or Merger – If your company is going to merge with another then the stress of the move will have an effect on your performance as well as your employees. Production may slow down and workers might feel de-motivated throughout the work day till the merger actually happens. At this point you need someone with the skills to manage a smooth integration which you might not have in your existing team. An interim manager can be used here quite effectively when the activity spike requires all hands on deck and additional resources to manage the extra workload. 4. Tap On, Tap Off, when you want to get value for money – An Interim Manager can be hired on a temporary basis if you are short staffed or if you currently don’t have the budget to hire a full timer. The latter will actually cost your business a lot more if you take ramp up time, paid leave, bonuses, salaries, health care and holiday pay into account – none of which are applicable to an Interim Manager so you can save money and direct it to resources you actually need. This includes pinpointing quick wins and building new client relationships that can last long after their departure. In such cases, these Interim Managers will be fundamental in Sales Training and Team Leader Training other employees in their area of expertise then handing over and getting out of the way Last, but not least, since Interim Managers are trained to be fast and efficient, they will give you results a lot faster than a new employee. So if you are suffering from a skills shortage or need to fill a gap quick, contact the KONA Group today on 1300 611 288 or info@www.kona.com.au to discuss how our Interim Management Services can improve your business results