A Healthy Make Over

Are you tired of being tired? Has dragging yourself out of bed become a drag? Have your aches and pains become a pain? Are you sick of being sick? It takes as much energy and time to be unwell as it does to be healthy and fit. If you answered yes to the above questions it’s time to declutter your mind and body and have a makeover. A makeover will increase your energy; rip off the energy sapping kilos and put you in an exceptional head space. Here a few how to’s… 1. Decrease alcohol, takeaway and processed food consumption. They provide very few nutrients and clog your arteries. 2. Have fruit and vegetables daily, choose lean meat, fish, chicken, pork etc and watch the kilos disappear. 3. Set positive intentions so the messages you receive from your sub-conscious mind keep you focused and on track. State what you want to achieve. a. To weigh X kilos by date? b. To decrease x dress sizes by date? c. To lose x kilos by date? 4. Get moving: Start walking, dancing or and gym classes; find something that you enjoy and increases your heart rate and has you perspiring. 5. Drink plenty of water and have regular sleeping patterns. a. Water will take up space in your stomach so you eat less and keep you hydrated for optimal performance. b. 8 hours sleep Per Night will restore lost energy, give you clearer thinking and improved decision making skills, strengthen your coping mechanisms and set you up for a successful day. The human body is designed to consume natural foods and enjoy regular activity, when you observe these two simple principles you greatly increase your chances of producing excellent results. For more information on how KONA can improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of your employees and team call Tim on 1300 611 288 or email info@kona.com.au.